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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving - noun
1. The act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors
2. An expression of thanks, esp. to God.
3. A public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.
4. A day set apart for giving thanks to God

I am so thankful in so many ways, I could never tell everyone but I COULD give a few of the main reasons I am thankful

1. God - without Him I would be nothing. I still have such a long way to go, but with God with me, I can do it

2. My family - My parents have ALWAYS been there for me. They have been so supportive of every choice I've made, if it is not quite the right decision, they let me know (heheh) and it really has meant much knowing that whatever I decide to do, wherever my life leads me, my parents with be "rooting" me on. Mom always has the best advice, and although I hate to admit some of it, she is right 99% of the time. Daddy is my hero, I want someone just like him. My brothers are also so supportive of me... if not overly protective! I blame them for not having a banquet date! LOL jk.

3. My friends - I have so many good friends, some new and some old, that I am so thankful for. I have been so very blessed with some amazing friendships. But I honestly don't know where I would be without Bekki. She has been there for me, even when I felt I had lost a part of me (and no not to a guy)... And she always knows how to make me smile!!

So all in all... I am just thankful. I could have made the list SO MUCH LONGER, but as you can see, it is late here, and I may not make much sense :-P

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! God Bless and keep you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love the Holidays!

So, yes, I am one of *those* people that absolutely ADORES the holiday season. I have been waiting for this all year! I have been listening to Christmas music already since the first week of November. It's a wonderful feeling! Christmas never, ever gets old to me! One thing that has made me so happy this year though, is that I get to go home! I was a little unsure there for a bit. SOOO... I mainly wrote this cuz I just wanted to put up a Christmas song, :-D cuz I just love it, and because I WILL be home for Christmas!

I'm dreaming tonight, of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know, it's a long road back
I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree

Christmas Eve will find you
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes I am alive! I promise!

Wow.... I seriously don't know where these last three months have gone since I last posted. I have let down my reading audience! So to summarize my life in the past few months... hmmmm school, work, church, practices, and late nights! yup that's pretty much it, with a few trips thrown in there!

So the main reason for me posting, is to let you know that I am going to start posting again!!! Bekki and I were talking about how she felt like she hasn't written much lately, and I haven't written AT ALL on here! I am a failure, but give me another chance! I would say I am going to post pictures, but instead, I'll give you a link of where to find my pictures! And if THAT doesn't work, I'll post pictures! LOL

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a Never-ending Road Trip

Well it has been a long while since I last posted!! So I figured I had better let everyone know I am alive! It was a crazy few last weeks before we left, and a little emotional too at times... It was hard to leave, yet it wasn't! But we had a fun yard sale the Saturday before we left, then we left around 11 am (due to a few stops before we finally left town) Monday and drove STRAIGHT THROUGH to White Hall Arkansas. We arrived (like how I said that? All professional) at the Corbitt's house around 3:30 pm the next day, then had dinner with them, and spent the night and left for Congress early the next morning!

I have pictures, and will put some up in the near future, but Youth Congress was such fun. We saw so many people we haven't seen in a while, including cousins! Yay for cousins! Our friends kept telling me that I was related to everyone somehow ;P. So now we are back in Arkansas for a few days then on to South Bend to spend a few days with my Aunt Carlene, then to IBC to help out with registration and get this school year started!

Well enough of the updates! I'll try to get those pictures uploaded!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Have Patience... So easy to say...

SOOOOOOOO hard to do! As Thomas Kempis so well said, "All men commend patience, although few are willing to practice it."

patience - noun
1. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
2. an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.
3. quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care

So many things that we have to be patient for, but our present world has made patience practically impossible. We have

~Fast food restaurants, because who has time to make dinner anymore?
~DRIVE THROUGHs at those same restaurants, because not only don't we have patience to make dinner, we don't have time to get out of the car and enjoy our fast food dinner
~ATMs - because who wants to wait in line at the bank (and you still have to end up waiting in line anyway)
~Drive through ATMs... even better!
~10 items or less lanes at a grocery store
~Carpool Lanes
~the list goes on and on (INCLUDING drive through marriages ceremonies [laughing quite hilariously] sorry... I'm calmed down now)

Now I am not complaining about any of these items as I use them myself (with the exception of the marriage ceremony of course) :P... But we have somehow lost the real meaning of patience, and the fruits that it brings!

Isaiah 40:31 says "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

Teach me patience Lord...

Teach me to wait upon your word,
Teach me to SHOW patience to others
Teach me to be patient during any form of trial
Teach me the true meaning of patience

So I'll just leave you with a song (hehehe) that I used to sing years ago as a child... (if you haven't heard it you MUST listen to it here! It is sung by.... none other than.... HERBERT the SNAIL lol)

Have patience, Have patience
Don't be in such a hurry
When you get impatient
You only start to worry
Remember, Remember
That God is patient too
And think of all the times
When others had to wait for you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

YAY! My laptop is working!

So, as you can tell from my enthusiastic title, MY LAPTOP WORKS!!!!! That is exciting to me. It did take 2 visits from Dell, and a walk-through by phone to get it totally up and running. But thank the Lord that was all free!

So, obviously without a laptop as my companion. I have had a lot more, well, let us (no I do not have a mouse in my pocket, us as in you the reader, and me the blogger)so kindly refer to it as time. Well, other than the time I spent working that is. So a lot of my time, I spent with family, and trying to get stuff done!

One of the things that I noticed was, I MISS BLOGGING!!! Bekki and I were both talking about our random comments on each others' blogs that quickly became comment wars!

Another thing that I noticed was, I miss reading! I used to have such a joy in reading just about anything that I could get.

Yet another thing that I noticed was, I was able to get a lot more sleep than usual!

The point of this??? Heehee... to waste YOUR time reading this!

SOOOOO moving on with this random blog. I leave in two weeks for the Midwest! I am excited. I have a few stops on the way to IBC, all fun and adventurous! YAY me! Can't wait to get back on the road, but can't believe this summer has passed by so fast!

Well, until next time, have a great weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm posting again??? What?

Well I surprised myself by wanting to post again today! Well, mainly because I really, really wanted to share this poem. Lol well, not really REALLY, but you know...

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat these two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

I know I am not a Man, or a son... LOL nor will I ever be. But I want to be everyone of the "if"s on this page. I know Rudyard Kipling was not using this in a spiritual sense, but I DO want to "go light the world" for "A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid" (Matt 5:14). Just something to make you think

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures and RANDOM Updates!

Well as you see, the promised pictures are above... I don't know where to begin really, this summer has been so eventful! Either I am at church, working, sleeping, out with Bekki, or out of town!!! So many neat youth things, and I was also able to go to Ventura Camp Meeting for one night! And that Thursday I headed up to Northern California to help out at my Uncle and Aunt's church in Tracy, CA (close to San Francisco/San Jose area). It was such a fun, but draining weekend, I taught their sign team 7 songs! I know those girls probably were so glad it was over when we finished Sunday night. I had so much fun though! Then we left Monday and were home that night! And right back to work!

So, my computer is in ICU right now... no signs of life... Seriously... Phillip is still trying to get it to even turn on! UGHHHHH WHY ME???? I hope that it is something that can be fixed... Because I wouldn't survive without having my own computer!

Count-down has officially begun! I leave in 27 days to head back East! Can't wait, I know I am going to miss everyone (kinda :P) but thank GOD for technology! I already have been in touch with a few people from IBC trying to get everything worked out for next school year, including a POSSIBLE trip to Europe with IBC during Spring Break, in March!!!! That would be so neat, but first I need to make sure I can have my old job at American Documents back, so I had to call my coworker and see if she can pull some strings! PRAY SAINTS PRAY... If that doesn't work out, well... God knows! But I mean, come on, if I have a consistent job, and have the income I had last semester, I could pay off the trip before December!

So that is my BIG news lol, other than that... nothing much is going on :D... I have plans on other posts, but no promises for anytime soon (because it seems everytime I say I will keep it up, I don't!)

So, til next time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Has This Summer Gone?!

Whoa... Everything just needs to CALM DOWN!!! As I speak/type... I am on my way back from the beach where Bekki, Sister Heather, some of her family and I spent the day! We have a stop to make and then home we go, but moving on... I don't have a computer right now and haven't been on here in a WHILE but I plan on catching up as soon as I get my computer back from the hospital (it tried to commit computericide so I had someone take it home!) but I have pictures and more!! So hopefully that will happen soon! Til then!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Promised Pictures!!!

Here are some pictures from weeks past! It has been an eventful summer already! There should be some more pictures coming up too!! YAY

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a Failure to my Blog readers!

So, no... I have not spent the last month traveling home from Indiana :) I made it home that Wednesday after graduation! It was a fun trip, and it really is good to be home, so fast forwarding through the month that I have been home, it seems as if I have been busy every weekend since I've been home! It's been fun though! BUT, I now have a job, so I'll be semi busy during the weekdays too. I still have some sorting and organizing to do to get my room somewhat back to normal... I miss my friends of course! And Nicole and Sarah so much!

So I go in tomorrow (or is it today?) for orientation for my new job. I will be working at the Yucaipa Kids' Club. It is a summer program, and a summer camp of sorts. I am a recreational leader there. I enjoy working with kids so I know I will have fun! Besides that... Courtney and Olivia will both be working there! YAY! I can't wait... Oh and did I mention that I miss Nicole and Sarah? I wasn't sure ;) I have been a horrible blogger, and one of my many goals this summer is to keep up with my blogging! I originally started this expecting just to write a few sentences, but obviously I am still going! LOL... Anyway, moving on, I have also started teaching piano lessons. My first lesson was today, it went very well and I believe that this boy I am teaching is going to be a quick learner! It is exciting!!! So I look forward to the rest of the summer teaching him, and others! I also look forward to LOSING WEIGHT!!!! I plan on getting my eating habits under control since they have been totally messed up thanks to IBC's kitchen hours and my job! It is my fault too, not watching EVERYTHING I eat, but I couldn't really help it... I'm a poor college student (why do I feel like I have been saying that for five years??? OH WAIT! I HAVE hahah!)...

Well it is late, and I have to be at the Kids Club at 10 tomorrow morning! So I will try to post something tomorrow (hopefully pictures, since I have quite a few I haven't posted!) Oh and have I mentioned that I miss Nicole and Sarah??? Short term memory loss! I apologize again to my faithful and unfaithful readers! 'til tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jason's Graduation

Well, there has been so much going on! Bekki and Mom got in Thursday, and we've just gone from party to party! Here are some pictures from the Banquet and the Graduation. It was such an emotional weekend with friends packing and leaving, and some not coming back!!! But, I leave Monday for home!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here are some pictures from the past two weekends, I am going to miss all my friends so much! I can't believe that the end of the school year is so close!!!! Hope you enjoy the pics! I sure did lol!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

REvisiting 2/2/08 post

I put this up on February 2nd of last year, and thought I would repost this cuz I LOVE this song! So here goes again! For all you single women out there!

A Few Good Men

What we single girls could use is a willing man of God
Who dares sometimes to use his brain and works without applause
A man who has a decent face and patience to endure
Whose love is tough and gentle a man who is secure

We wouldn't mind an orator who knows just what to say
But then we want authority to reason him away
He really needs humility to guarantee we win
We just need a few good men

Men full of compassion who laugh and seldom cry
Men who have maturity and won't tell little lies
Men who don't like freedom and always say "Yes Ma'am"
We just need a few good men

We don't want a derelict with many debts accrued
We want the ones who have some strength, reject all the uncouth
If these stringent lines you meet, we may want you as kin
We just need a few good men!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did you know??

I used to be really into looking up the "did you know?"s for our youth bulletin, so I thought I would start putting some of those up randomly in my blog too lol here goes for today's "did you know?"!

Did you know that most car horns honk in the key of F?

Did you know in Texas that it is illegal to graffiti someone else’s cow?

Did you know that Daniel 4:37 contains all the letters of the alphabet except for "q"?

Did you know that the longest word in the Bible is a name, Mahershalalhashbaz (18 letters) and is found in Isaiah 8:1

Friday, April 24, 2009

Let Your Light Shine

I wrote this a while ago (as in years), and just ran across it again today. I figured it would be a nice break from the usual "CAPTAIN ME PLANET" that is normally posted here :). For clarification, this is a true story, many of you from back home may know exactly who I am talking about, as I changed the names. Hope you enjoy it!


California is a land of desolate beauty, where the lonely vegetation desperately cries out for water. The beauty of the mountains, Hollywood, casinos, the night life, the glamorous lights all have magnetism to them. However, it is an empty endurance. The beauty is only surface deep. The unfaithful friends, the teen pregnancies, the horrible reality of it all. There is no hope for the young people of this generation, until they come to the realization that they themselves have the ability to change their future. Until they finally see a light in this fake, dark world.

Stephanie, an 18 year old woman, goes to a public college. Stephanie’s parents are backsliders, so she was not raised in church and had no idea as to what true freedom really is. Her uncle attends a Pentecostal church, however he was dis-fellowshipped from the family and Stephanie was forbidden to talk to them. Stephanie had a social life that held her captive. The parties, the drugs, the alcohol, the sex all around her; all of these chained her down, even though she had little or no part in them they still had an effect on her, and left no room for an escape. There were nights she cried herself to sleep because of the disparity and darkness her life held. She felt she had no way out.

Stephanie attended school out of necessity and the desire to be away from home. One day, in her math class, she noticed two girls who looked different from everyone else. Both had long hair, both wore skirts, and were very modestly dressed. She started sitting closer to them, and one day overheard one telling the other about a church event she had attended and how much fun it was. Stephanie leaned over and started questioning the event and found out the girls’ names, Amanda and Crystal. After that, Stephanie sat right next to the girls and Amanda, who genuinely liked her, kept inviting Stephanie to her church. A friendship between the two was forged. Finally one day near the end of the term, as Amanda was leaving class she handed Stephanie a business card. On the card, was the phrase, “Got hope?” The letters were white with a black background and an invitation to a Youth Explosion service. Stephanie felt something she had not felt before, serenity, and a confidence that she may have found her way out. Stephanie immediately called Amanda, and got directions to her church.

The night of the Youth Explosion service, Amanda nervously paced the foyer an hour before service, waiting for Stephanie to show up. Finally, Stephanie’s car rolled into the parking lot which was beginning to fill up. Stephanie was excited because she learned that her cousins from a neighboring church would be attending this service. Stephanie found a seat by them while Amanda worked her way to the platform to praise sing. Stephanie did not remember much about the service, she told Amanda later that she was ever so anxious for the time that she could go to the altar. That time came soon enough. Stephanie was the first in the altar, she almost ran to it, and after a beautiful filling of the Holy Ghost, she and Amanda were the last to leave it. After Stephanie was baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus, she could not stop talking about how happy she was. She finally felt she had a reason to be alive, a hope. Amanda warned her that the devil would try to persuade her that nothing had really happened. Unfortunately, as is the way in all newborn Christian’s lives, it happened soon enough. But Amanda assured her that she would be there for her. And to this day still is.

This story is true and so real to me; some of the circumstances and the names were changed to keep the characters identities anonymous. If only other young people in our churches today would look around for more “Stephanie”s and realize that there are people searching desperately, just as the trees cry for water, for hope, for light in this lonely, hopeless, dim world. If a young person would just take the time to stand up and step away from the tree which they have positioned themselves behind, they might see the forest as it really is, full of trees with branches reaching for the light. Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

In this world of compromise we should, we MUST, let our lights shine. As God’s coming draws ever closer, this is not the time to selfishly hide the hope and the peace that we have been given. Instead, we should let the world know, that they have the ability to change, and to be given the same hope and serenity that Stephanie received. As always, to God be the glory, now and forever. May the next generation keep the faith, and spread the gospel with surety.

Day Apart

Well, last night we were surprised with a little tidbit of information, that the Day Apart that had originally been planned for earlier this semester, but was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, was back on! FOR TODAY! So, I was up around 8:30 this morning listening to (what else) WICKED, and then headed down for breakfast a little after 9! Today was so relaxing! And it was an amazing day to be out! Not a cloud in the sky and bright and warm (I have a sunburn to prove it!). No one knew what the plans were until we met in the chapel around 10, and then headed outside. So no one really knew what to prepare for, but we had so many choices! Volleyball, Croquet, Softball, and Football. I played volleyball for awhile... a LONG while since for some reason we went into "overtime" 4 times... I finally just helped lose the game cuz I was tired of the same game! Ha! OOPS! Don't tell anyone I said that! They thought that I was distracted and missed the ball on accident! So, I ate lunch with my lunch buddy and friends, and then headed back out to watch more volleyball and then football! All in all it was a fun Day Apart. Ruined only by the need to go to work, but hey, I turned in my two week notice today! YAY lol that makes it a little easier to handle when it gets boring at work!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Many were quite random! I'm trying to capture as many moments as possible!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Festival 2009

Well.. there are very few words that I could say to describe Music Festival.... other than "Amazing, fun, exhilarating, and just plain fantastic"!!!! If you have never been to a Music Festival, I would highly suggest you go to one next year! IBC to me has one of the best Music Program's. I can honestly say that I have learned so much here, and look forward to learning more still. I have had so many great opportunities opened to me!

Back to Music Fest. So, Mom and Dad flew in Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at midnight and we somehow got lost trying to get to the hotel! Bekki flew in Wednesday, we honestly had so much fun. There were concerts Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night, and classes/seminars during the days. So my parents (and both Aunts) left Saturday :( and then Bekki left yesterday.. I so can not wait to be home for the summer! I know I will miss everyone, but it is going to be a good break!

Anyway, here the pictures are obviously from Music Festival, and after! We had too much fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slacker Alert!!!

So.... what has Erica been up to lately??? Well obviously everything BUT checking and posting her blog!!! I am a failure! Full and complete failure! So I will just run through a list really quick of some highlights from the past TWO WEEKS!!!!

-There was a tent revival last weekend that my sign team had to sign for
-I spent most of the week before learning Hosanna Forever (Kirk Franklin) for Tent Revival.
-Last Sunday was the last "Choir Sunday" for the rest of the year
-I have spent every night this week practicing with my sign team/"helping" out for music festival
-I am now at Aunt Carlene's for Easter!

I know there is so much more than just that... But since it has taken me forever to post I have forgotten most everything I wanted to say! I have pictures to post later, so I will add some details to that post as well...

GUESS WHAT???????? Music Festival 2009 IS IN 4 DAYS!!!!! My parents fly in Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning at midnight and Bekki flies in Wednesday around 4!!! I am so excited to have a little bit of home coming for a few days! I will definitely be wearing out my camera taking tons of pictures!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post Spring Break!

So! The last time I posted I cheated by just putting up pictures from the previous post! Well, last week was Spring Break. I loved being able to sleep in! I cooked for the boys every day! It was fun, AND delicious! I was proud of myself. I worked Monday through Friday so I couldn't accept any friends offers to spend Spring Break with them, but I had fun hanging out with my brothers and friends. On Wednesday night around midnight a group of us went to Denny's just to hang out. It was entertaining, then right after I got off of work on Friday, I left with Emily Sims to head to Sullivan, IN. She and I spent the weekend at the Easton's house. Kyle (if you remember) is not only Justin's roommate, but he also plays guitar with him on IBC Praise. His sister Kara is an amazing singer, and is an alto on Praise. They gave us a "concert" while we were there. That whole family is so talented. Their parents pastor the church there, and both parents sing, and their mom plays the piano, and Kara can play just about every instrument including bass and drums! Seriously play! LOL Same with Kyle... Needless to say Emily and I were quite intimidated!

So... my first impression at the Easton's was while Kara was jokingly giving the "rules" of the house. I grabbed a napkin and a permanent marker and started writing down the rules. We... halfway through the second rule I pick up the napkin, and IT HAD BLED THROUGH TO THE COUNTER!!!! LOL Right after Kara had said "no writing on the walls" Oh it was bad! LOL But clorox wipes work miracles thank the Lord! Needless to say I was teased all weekend! But I had fun! We relaxed, ate, walked across the street to the church to listen to Kara and Kyle practice for church, ate, played games, ate, played more games, and pretty much just had a blast!!! I am so glad that I was able to go! Even though there was a lotion accident the last night that I was there.. I didn't do it... well I kinda did!

So I drove back with Kara and Kyle on Monday and got back in time to say hi to friends and then head to work! Then when I got back I had to get in an hour of piano practice since I had lessons the next day! The rest of the week has flown by! Cheryl's birthday was on Tuesday and I took her to Starbucks and we hung out a bit after I got off of work, and then tonight I had something straight through til right now! We had dorm inspections tonight, so I stayed up late cleaning and doing laundry last night, and then immediately after work I ran back to the school and down to the piano recitals and after barely giving me just enough time to catch my breath, I played my note piece for piano recital! LOL after I finished I turned around and Daniel and Lance were giving me a standing ovation! LOVE them! Ha! Then about half an hour later I had Sign Team practice, which went pretty rough because no one was paying attention. It was so hard trying to get them just to get through 2 old songs, and I was ready to just walk out, but thankfully people started realizing that I was serious about practicing and they started to pay attention. Sometimes I would just rather work with kids!!! They listen so much better! Well.... sometimes hahah! So that leads up til right now! I actually have a more serious post that I wanted to post, but I figured I would post this update first and then sometime this weekend post the other one!

Well, I hope that you will keep me in your prayers! Miss everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Promised Pictures!

Wow.... a week later!!! Sorry! Here are the pictures I promised, there are not a lot, wish there were more, but there hasn't been much going on this month!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Missing Erica Has Returned!

Wow... I didn't realize I hadn't blogged on here in almost two weeks! Oops! I just let time fly by between now and then! Not a lot has happened between now and then! LOL well, not a lot in my definition of the term! The last time I blogged was Saturday the 28th! I believe that was the weekend we had our IBC Connect Music Club Concert! LOL long name! So I have pictures from that, as well as from the following weekend (which would be last weekend) when we went to Indian Head, PA for an unofficial MSA trip! It was fun! Only a few of us went this time though since so many had to be out of town for various reasons. I believe there were over 100 people out of town on MSAs, and other trips last weekend. I will put up the pictures sometime soon! Don't worry.

So, I have news! I now am EMPLOYED! Last week on Tuesday, I began working at American Documents. It is an office that is working on sorting and keeping track of DOCUMENTS (brilliant) for many different AMERICAN companies (heehee). I don't quite know my exact job title, other than I do work with some Administration. But I do a lot of what is called coding and other computer work. Last week and this week my days have consisted of me getting up, going to school between 8-9 am, going to work in the kitchen from 2-4, and then having to be at my job at 4:30. I am supposed to work til 9 but only have been able to do that a few times since their system has been down a lot due to their headquarters recent move. So after work, I would be up until at least 1:30 every night due to either homework, or losing track of time! Last night was the first time in a LONG time I had been in bed by 12:30! LOL Bekki told me she was surprised I was going to bed so early. It IS early for me after all!

So this last weekend was rather relaxing! Jon Kneriem, Tiffany Clark, Fayth, Kristen, Jason and I all went to Pennsylvania for an unofficial MSA trip, needless to say it was one of the funnier trips that I have been on! The church we went to was Kristen's boyfriend's, Josh. He attended IBC the last 2 years, but didn't come back this year. He went to the Tennessee MSA with us, so I was able to hang out with him then, and other random IBC visits. But, his family was so fun to be with, his dad Bro. Miller is the pastor, and he was just so laid back. We had such a good time. Bro. Kyle Houk (not sure how to spell his name), an IBC alumni, preached the Saturday night, and Sunday services. They only had one Sunday service (in the morning) so we got to rest/nap til it was time to leave. The only problem was we left an hour and a half later than we were supposed to! We ended up stopping three times so the trip ended up being almost 8 hours instead of the 6 it took us to drive TO Pennsylvania. We pulled into the IBC parking lot around 3 am! Fun stuff! We had an eventful drive too! Tornado warnings and all! Kristen and Jason switched as soon as we got out of WV and into OH because it was raining so hard she was afraid to drive. But thank God we got back safely!

The past few days have been pretty uneventful as well. Chapel services have been amazing the past few weeks. I have become more and more appreciative of them since I have to miss both Wednesday AND Sunday morning services now. I work in the kitchen on Sunday mornings and I work at American Documents Wednesday nights! I hate being an adult sometimes! Last night was pretty fun though, it was such amazingly nice weather out that a bunch of us went outside and about 15+ of the guys played frisbee and at the same time a bunch played tag and various fun/funny-to-watch games! This all started around 10, keep in mind weekday curfew is at 11, but we were still outside when Bro Romine drove up around 11:05 and instead of asking us to go inside he EXTENDED OUR CURFEW til midnight! But just asked that we stay on the school grounds. So everyone played Red Rover and Duck, Duck, Goose (YES these ARE college kids! LOL Still young at heart!). Then all of a sudden around midnight a storm front blew in and rain just came out of no where. It poured cats and dogs and everyone scattered! It was such a fun night!

Well I will post pictures later! Keep a lookout for them! Miss everyone much!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Don't Want to be a Jonah

Jonah... Called of God for a purpose. Instead of turning to God for support and peace on his feelings toward Ninevah, Jonah runs from his calling. While running, he runs headlong into trouble that never would have come his way, if not for thinking his way was higher than God's

So many times I feel like I am heading down the road to be a Jonah. Please don't misunderstand, I am NOT a Jonah, but I know what God requires of me (or at least I feel like I do) and then other times I wonder if He is requiring MORE of me than I first thought.

As many of you know, I have my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, San Bernardino. I could be teaching right now if I had stayed on and began my Credential program. However, there are just times (especially during services) when I wonder if that is where I am supposed to be heading. I know so many people now expect me to return to school and finish my Credential. Please don't take this wrong, but it is what I would LOVE to do. However, is it what GOD wants me to do? I know a lot of people have negative feelings toward Bible Colleges, and sure, not everyone is perfect here, or have great walks with God. But, as my mom says, if it's in your heart, you'll do right. I just feel that coming to Indiana Bible College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I believe that ALREADY my music has improved, I am not an amazing pianist, nor will I ever be, but I am working on it, and I plan to do as much for God in the music area as possible. Teaching will always be a choice for me, but as of right now, I just want God's will to become EVERYTHING to me. If it means giving up every single desire that I've ever had, then so be it.

I don't believe that my the desire to teach is for no reason. I believe that God has a purpose for me in that area too in due time, but I also believe that I need to totally conform, transfrom, and mold MY will to become His. Just like that song says "The more I seek You, the more I find You, the more I find You, the more I love You" God desires so much more of me and I just want my life to show that I desire totally and completely HIS Will and only His will. I know I am not alone in this "searching for God's Will" process, but most of all I just want God to know that I don't ever want to be a Jonah, and that I am not fearful of the future, just curious what God plans for my ministry to be.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

SO!!! My birthday was pretty much amazing! The whole day was so much fun, I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, it just went so so well! A bunch of us went out to Texas Roadhouse that night, and then afterwards some of us went to Starbucks! I FELT SO LOVED! Here are some pictures from Tuesday. Warning you now... this is not a normal photo shoot lol! I have hardly any normal smile pictures! Something is wrong in almost every one... But it was too fun, so I just put every single last one up! So here goes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me Throughout the Years!

Thought this would be fun! LOL especially since it IS "Celebrate Me" day! LOL I made myself my own holiday!!! LOL Thought you might enjoy getting a glimpse into my past and up til now! LOL hope it brings laughs and smiles cuz it sure did for me!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is about time!!!

I can NOT believe I haven't posted on here in two weeks!!! A LOT has happened! Well kind of but not really. I got called back for the job that I went in for about 2 weeks ago, but they haven't called me back to tell me to come in and begin work. Last week (the week before Valentine's Day) was a Valentine Madness week *hmmm cool name and I came up with that all by myself! I should copyright it!* And we had to do stuff for our secret Valentine, so I made posters for mine and hung them all up downstairs and then gave him candy and a stuffed gorilla! LOL we were supposed to find out who each Secret Valentine was on Tuesday Feb 17 (the Valentine social) but mine told me that morning instead since he wasn't going to the social. I was happy when I found out it was a friend of mine, Jermaine.

So on Valentine's day, I was in Tennessee with Cheryl, Cody and Theresa, I had so much fun. We lounged around til 1 doing laundry and just relaxing then got ready by about 4 to leave for Cody's. His mom made us some GOOD southern food! MMMMM! Home cooking is amazing. Then we came home Sunday night

The Valentine social was fun... kind of lol! There is so much behind that story... But the rest of this week flew by rather fast. I had a few run ins with what my Mom thinks may be sugar problems (just one more thing for me to deal with!)

I am now working more hours in the school kitchen, it is so fun! So my school bill is slowly getting paid off

Oh and I have had accidents galore lately! On our way to Tennessee, the tire popped and then shredded. So Cody had to put the spare on it, and we stopped at a gas station to air it up, and I was racing Theresa to the car... and ended up tripping and sliding for about a foot (it felt like 2 feet) but surprisingly I didn't bleed I just got really scraped up. Then my ankle swelled up Thursday and it looked really purple... THEN last night I was sitting with my legs crossed, and a friend pushed me jokingly and I couldn't uncross my legs to catch my balance so I fell on my knee really hard at an awkward angle. So needless to say I had an ice pack on it last night, but shortly after I fell, Theresa and I headed out to get a snack, and I didn't realize how icy it was. I slid going down the ramp, and fortunately caught myself by grabbing the railing before I fell... Then when I reached the sidewalk, I slipped again on the ice and almost did the splits, THEN when I reached the stairs, I fell down all three stairs and landed on my backside! And couldn't get up without help cuz it was so slippery! HEHE! If only you all could have seen it!

Wow... This was a long post! But it made me happy to write it all down! LOL I will try to get better with my posting!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Week in the Life of Erica!

So this week has been so fun! Monday was Twin Day, and Theresa and I wore our Choir tops and jean skirts, and come to find out, a few other girls had the same idea! It was fun, we spent a lot of the day doing nothing because most classes were cancelled. Then Tuesday was the same way, a lot of classes were cancelled, I only had one class and Chapel, so we just hung around a lot of the day. Then Wednesday back to normal! Thursday night was the Pep Rally for our Basketball Tournament. We had a lot of fun then too! Friday was the big day! There were about 11-13 teams 3 were from Indianapolis (2 IBC teams and one Calvary team) there were so many people there. The tournament is actually still going on today, and will be for a few more games, so they should be out by about 9 tonight because they use 2 courts at once. I was torn last night because Justin is on B team and Jason is on A team so I watched Justin's first game, and then Jason's first game was at the same time as Justin's second, so I watched Jason's.

Well all else I can say is, I am so glad it is Saturday! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures from Recording

That was a BUSY night! Wish I could have gotten more pictures, but we were running around.... And SURPRISINGLY I didn't even have my phone for 3 hours. It was so so so much fun! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow snow and more snow! Oh and Recording too

So I meant to put these up the other day, but here are pictures from our Snow Day. They had to cancel church Wednesday night because there was so much snow and the roads weren't safe to drive. Besides, IBC parking lot STILL isn't safe to drive in! They haven't plowed it so it still has about a foot of snow in some places, and people get stuck in the snow and just leave their cars random places! It is rather funny to watch. So Wednesday I had an 8 am class, and we get there and Bro. Mooney starts talking about wanting to have class outside because it was so beautiful and it would just be fun. So he talks for a while then spends the rest of the class period getting everything together to go outside and have "class" it was so much fun! The rest of classes were cancelled for the rest of the day, so everyone just sat around and played games and hung out!

So this week had been leading up to last night. We had our IBC 2009 Live Recording! It was so much fun. But due to a circuit blowing and other random technical problems we had to redo 3 songs and then restart another one. But it still was amazing! And the last song we sang different then we had practiced because everyone just started dancing and worship broke out everywhere! It was so neat. I have pictures, but I will put them up in the next post. So today Aunt Carlene and I slept in and have been just lounging around. We are going to be heading to Cracker Barrel and then to do some shopping! Fun stuff! Keep looking for those pictures!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

So today was so much fun!!! It started snowing slightly on Sunday and then it had pretty much melted by Monday, but it started snowing again last night, and now we are possibly getting up to a foot of snow! But, after school today, a few of us decided to go play in the snow! It was so much fun. Here are some pictures we took (plus a few thrown in randomly!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Belated and New Pictures!! And a New room!

I SO meant to put these pictures up before I left for Indy!!! SO here are pictures from New Years, some from the Acts 2:38 convention and then SURPRISE! LOL I moved into my own room!

No there is nothing going wrong with my roommate (or rather former roommate) and me. But, we had room inspection yesterday and right afterwards, Sister Vonnie (our dorm supervisor) pulled me out into the hallway and told me that there was a room open right down the hallway that 2 girls never showed up to take, and that I was her first choice to take it. I told her to let me think about it, and within about 20 minutes I had talked to Breana, and then to Cheryl and Kristen, and finally told Sis. Vonnie I wanted the room. So within about an hour we had all my stuff moved into the new room!! YAY! LOL So now Breana has her own room (which she just ended up making a huge bed out of both of our beds) and I have my own room. I had to keep the other bed in this room, hence the mattress underneath, but hey, I have a mattress for someone to sleep on when I get visitors! My luggage also fits under there, and I have TWO closets not just the one side!! YAY!!! My clothes fit so much better now!!! I am so proud! LOL There was an old couch floating around and it had been moved downstairs, so I took it (with approval from Sis. Vonnie of course) and covered it with my extra set of sheets and now I have a couch! Yay! lol I am ready to roll! It is so nice having this much room! There is a rug here that I am considering using! Hopefully it will work out because it would be so nice to have a rug instead of cold floor! Well I will continue to keep you updated on my IBC life!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friends are Amazing

Friend: 1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have...
"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice." - Samuel Johnston
"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." - Charles Caleb Colton
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

"Why so many quotes?" you ask??? "Why not?" I say! I could not just pick ONE out of so many that seem to represent my friendships! I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends! I am so thankful that I have friends that are always willing to be there for me and friends that I can just be myself with. I have so very many friends to talk about but the main ones that I have been missing being around lately have been Nicole, Sarah, and Bekki. Mainly Nicole and Sarah (I know Bekki wouldn't be offended by my saying this because she and I recently had this conversation)

Sarah Ann (without the "e") dropped into my life about 6 or 7 years ago. It all started at a Youth convention. We got each other's home addresses and began corresponding through snail mail! That went on until Sarah finally moved up in the world and got email! Then we became "email" pals! Lol After so long I got her number to call and wish her congrats on graduating and then we became phone/text pals and finally the best of friends!!! I honestly don't remember when our relationship moved to the kindred spirit mode (LOL like when we became SARICA!)... but it did and I thank God for her!!!

Nicole Renee, on the other hand, I met more recently. About 4 years ago I think. I had heard a lot about her from Sarah and knew most things that only a little sister would be able to say about a big sister! Lol! I saw her a lot at conferences and just LOVED being around her and Sarah. We finally exchanged numbers when I stayed at their house when I went to Fresno for Women's Retreat (free ride thanks to my mom and grandma the She-Elder!) Ever since then it all took off like a rocket.

There is no one in this world like those two girls! They have been like sisters to me. I would SO CLAIM THEM if anyone ever asked!!! My said I was their twin... lol I totally saw that... I mean they are short and dark and drop dead gorgeous and I am tall and gangly and WHITE! LOL but I mean sure I look just like them!! Life is never a bore with them around and I miss them SO VERY MUCH :(

Bekki on the other other hand (how many hands can one person have?) I have known for years lol. I just never really got CLOSE til this past year. I have never met anyone like her either. It is scary but wonderful how much alike we are!!! Of course one major difference is our food preferences! I eat meat, she doesn't... plain and simple!

Now I am not saying that all my other friends mean nothing to me!!! You all mean the world to me!!! These three are just my sisters from other families! Love everyone!!!

So here are some wonderful pictures of us! Memories!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Cousin is a Hacker! LOL

So I had been planning on posting soon... I have been so busy with school that I haven't taken time to post in a few days. SO before I decide to post I check my email and realize that I am getting comments for a blog that I didn't post and didn't remember the title for... Strange LOL Then I look and I immediately begin laughing because of all people Jarron decided to post on MY blog! LOL So cousin... stick to your own blog please or I will be forced to change my password on you lol! But hey it gave me entertainment! LOL Oh and by the way I never sign my name as ERM on my blogs silly... sigh I miss my cousins!!

So This week has been so fun... and COLD!!! Tuesday was the ice-skating social and I was kicking myself because I brought my camera, but I forgot the memory card! UGH! So I will try to get some pictures from friends up here for you! Classes have been so wonderful I have a really good feeling about this semester. So back to the temperature... I hadn't really remembered how cold it could get here in Indiana til I walked outside Tuesday night. It was about 14* out! Then when I thought that was bad??? I went out last night for church and it was 10* and about 75% of the church attendees last night were IBC students! LOL we are faithful! And THEN this morning I walked out and it was -2* WOW!!! Talk about cold! But at least there is snow on the ground! I can't imagine it being this cold without snow lol I am sure there will be times that there won't be snow, but for now I am happy! LOL. So I am just trying to stay warm! Other than that all is well. God is good and already moving in IBC chapels and prayer meetings! I am still on the job look out although I have applied a few places, once again keep me in your prayers!

My Favorite Cousin of All

Not only is he dashingly handsome, but his intelligence supercedes the average. His winning/charming personality will sweep any beautiful girl off her feet. He is a very wise individual. And did I forget to mention DASHING??? Oh yes, very dashing. Not only is he working at this time toward achieving a bachelor’s degree in the study of Business, but also he is currently working for Starbucks Corporation and could quite possibly be a contender for the “Most Outstanding Barista” position. He also is quite debonair. Did I forget to mention dashing? In fact, a recent study showed that 9.75 beautiful girls out of 10 find him irresistible.

Yes I am speaking of the one and only Jarron Brown. I’m so proud to have him as my cousin. Mere words could not begin to express my deep love and sincere adoration for this my favorite cousin of all – Jarron Dale Brown.
(If you would like to meet this incredible guy, get in touch with me as soon as possible before he gets taken.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Contemplating some things

Well today's service was so so so good. It made me think... What do I really want and expect in this year? Bekki and I were talking about commitments and committing. It seems like we let go of the things that should mean the most to us. I know that I have made a resolution to read the Bible through this year, but I didn't really COMMIT to anything else. Why is it that the MOMENT you make a decision to do something your flesh IMMEDIATELY tries to fight against you? When you say to yourself "I should fast" you become hungry! LOL That happens to me all the time! But I forget what is most important in life sometimes, my walk with God and my family. Other than that... What do I have to lose? Friends? Sure, I need those and I absolutely appreciate the ones that I do have, but where would I be without God? I wouldn't even have those same friends if it weren't for the intervention of God. He put us in each other's paths for a purpose and I am so thankful.

I am not even sure if this song goes with what I previously said, but that topic has been heavily on my mind today, and this song has been in my heart (may not be the exact wording sorry!), so here goes.

I’ve had some bad days
And I’ve had hills to climb.
I’ve known some sad days and a weary mile.
Yet when I look about and think these things all out,
All of the good days, outweigh the bad days.
I can’t complain.

My God is so good to me so very good to me.
More than this world could be.
He’s so good to me.
His spirit came to me and gave me victory.
God is so good to me, I can’t complain.

Sometimes those clouds hang low.
I’d like to see them go.
And I ask the question, oh Lord.
Why so much pain,
But He knows what’s best for me, although I cannot see,
God is good to me, I can’t complain.

Oh my God is so good to me so very good to me.
More than this world could be.
He’s so good to me.
His spirit came to me and gave me victory.
God is so good to me, I can’t complain.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Already Back in Indy!

Wow this last week has passed so fast! I had so much fun being in California! I am blessed with such wonderful family and such amazing friends! My last night there we had some friends and family drop by and we had yummy-ness everywhere! LOL my mom made chicken spaghetti, green beans, and blueberry pie! Then Jenn brought over some brownies! It was so much fun!

Yesterday morning was a little hectic. I woke up first around 7 to try something on that my mom had fixed, then I got up around 8 something to get everything together. My mom made a wonderful breakfast for us, then made us lunch to take with us. Then she took us to the airport around 10:30 (we dropped by my dad's work to say goodbye first) and our plane took off around 11:40. When we landed in Houston I honestly wanted to kiss the ground. Our flight was like a roller coaster. I came off the seat once or twice because it was bouncing so much! LOL there was much praying going on! Houston was pretty nice, we just sat around waiting for the plane. I took care of a problem with my phone, and the boys just read or played sudoku. The flight actually took off earlier than expected and got into Indianapolis 15 minutes early. Then we waited for a friend to come pick us up. And finally.... finally we were back at the dorms! Aww dorm sweet dorm!

My roommate won't be here for about a week still so it was a little lonely in my room lol! I kept hearing noises! AAAA!!!! But I am alive and well today! I have just been hanging out saying hi and having fun! Cheryl and I are going to go to Walmart after dinner because I need some things that I forgot I didn't have. Tomorrow is our first Sunday back, so everyone will prob be there, then Monday schools starts! Yay! And then I am going to start looking seriously for a job. I have never needed the money so bad as I do now! Hate that money is so important for the world to continue moving!! At least that is what it feels like sometimes! Well! Here goes nothing! Back into the job world lol! Keep me in your prayers! I already miss everyone!