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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Promised Pictures!!!

Here are some pictures from weeks past! It has been an eventful summer already! There should be some more pictures coming up too!! YAY

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a Failure to my Blog readers!

So, no... I have not spent the last month traveling home from Indiana :) I made it home that Wednesday after graduation! It was a fun trip, and it really is good to be home, so fast forwarding through the month that I have been home, it seems as if I have been busy every weekend since I've been home! It's been fun though! BUT, I now have a job, so I'll be semi busy during the weekdays too. I still have some sorting and organizing to do to get my room somewhat back to normal... I miss my friends of course! And Nicole and Sarah so much!

So I go in tomorrow (or is it today?) for orientation for my new job. I will be working at the Yucaipa Kids' Club. It is a summer program, and a summer camp of sorts. I am a recreational leader there. I enjoy working with kids so I know I will have fun! Besides that... Courtney and Olivia will both be working there! YAY! I can't wait... Oh and did I mention that I miss Nicole and Sarah? I wasn't sure ;) I have been a horrible blogger, and one of my many goals this summer is to keep up with my blogging! I originally started this expecting just to write a few sentences, but obviously I am still going! LOL... Anyway, moving on, I have also started teaching piano lessons. My first lesson was today, it went very well and I believe that this boy I am teaching is going to be a quick learner! It is exciting!!! So I look forward to the rest of the summer teaching him, and others! I also look forward to LOSING WEIGHT!!!! I plan on getting my eating habits under control since they have been totally messed up thanks to IBC's kitchen hours and my job! It is my fault too, not watching EVERYTHING I eat, but I couldn't really help it... I'm a poor college student (why do I feel like I have been saying that for five years??? OH WAIT! I HAVE hahah!)...

Well it is late, and I have to be at the Kids Club at 10 tomorrow morning! So I will try to post something tomorrow (hopefully pictures, since I have quite a few I haven't posted!) Oh and have I mentioned that I miss Nicole and Sarah??? Short term memory loss! I apologize again to my faithful and unfaithful readers! 'til tomorrow!!