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Friday, May 30, 2008

I Can Do This.... I think I can I think I can

Ok... for those of you who don't already know, and that is probably most of you, I am on this 7 day diet. Why do I need to diet??? I'll just get it all out now. It is because I have gained 30 pounds since November! Pretty saddening! So... I am on what is called the cabbage soup diet! Don't gross out it is actually a really good soup! Here is a link to the site so you can see what I am going through lol. I am on my second day, (Veggie Day) and am surprised I made it this far with all the distractions being thrown at me (chicken and dumplings for dinner last night, burritos at practice, and ice cream at home. Sob*!) But I can do this! Nicole is also doing it, but is 2 days ahead of me, so she is on her banana and milk day. Some pretty interesting combinations!! So the main reason for this diet is to lose 8-10 pounds... I can do this... If I keep telling myself that maybe I will believe it! Mmmm these carrots are delicious haha! I will keep you updated on how this is progressing and whether or not I actually cave in!! Oh dear, and there is a grad party tonight and there will probably be WONDERFUL Mexican food because the mom is a wonderful cook! Pray saints pray! I'll be the little engine who kinda sorta thinks she can but is not too sure!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh This is a Laugh!!


You Are Cinderella!
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Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Youth Service in Perris, CA!

It was an awesome service, Bro. Bertrum preached about the first of all the commandments, "Here oh Israel... and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul...." Needless to say it was an awesome service :-D But anyway, the altar call was wonderful as well as the fellowship afterward!!! But I think I spent the service embarrassing those surrounding me, but never myself... Lol why does that always happen??? Oh well, sorry the pictures aren't the best because my camera wasn't working with me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things to do at work while bored...

Not only at work but on the FOURTH floor.... How to make life interesting for yourself and others...

Isn't this just the cutest M&M smiley face ever??

Minutes after their birth

Preparing to take flight

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

So Mother's Day was relatively busy for me, even though I am not a mother, I guess ESPECIALLY SINCE I'm not lol. But, we ate dinner at home, and of course since I didn't come in time to help my dad and brother with the meal guess who got stuck washing the dishes??? My Aunt, LOL!!! Just kidding, I did it.

But it was a wonderful day, my grandma cried over every present and card, my Aunt cried a little, and my mom cried over everybody else's cards and then cried again when she read her own. Lol. Anyway, I am just writing this post because I am wanting to show off lol. I made my Mom and Aunt Carlene their Mother's Day gifts.

These pictures are taken with my phone so they aren't very clear, but needless to say, I put beautiful poems on each, and my mom's is a shadow box with little pop-up decorations and my aunt's is a regular frame so as to easily fit in her suitcase. What I did for my mom with the shadow box I did for about ten people for Christmas, so hers didn't take too long. Love love love scrapbooking!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Raging Bull huh?

I'm a Lamborghini Murcielago!

You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, you're a raging bull.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Scary, but Nicole got the same thing when she took this quiz!!! Hahaha... I think I answered yes for every question!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't Look Back

I saw this today and thought how much truth this picture shows about how one should live their life. Without turning back. It's the same way in my walk with God, just like the song RYC sang "The mountain is high but it's not too steep and the battle is rough, but I'm not too weak and I won't turn back"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Audience of One

I heard this title in the morning Worship in the Word session at Music festival, Jana made mention of it at choir a few weeks back, and then my mom sends out an email with this beautiful poem that she read in the book "The Heart of the Artist" by Rory Noland. ( I think God may just be trying to give me a nudge to remember who I am really up there singing for, and who will be the One to notice in the end. This is my prayer


It's such a strong temptation to live for man's applause
But I don't want to buy into the lie
'Cause I know that's not a worthy cause
So to keep things in perspective, I hung a sign up on the wall.

The sign is nothing special, but it really says it all.
And the sign says

I'll be content to serve an audience of One
Only His approval counts when all is said and done.
And this is my prayer, when the race is finally run,
I want to hear "Well done" from the audience of One.

When the drive for recognition starts to get the best of me
All I've got to do is look around at the people serving selflessly.
And they don't serve for glory, and they're not keeping score
There's a sign that's written on their hearts, a sign I've seen before.

I'll be content to serve an audience of One
Only His approval counts when all is said and done.
And this is my prayer, when the race if finally run,
I want to hear "Well done" from the audience of One.

In the not-too-distant future when the crowds all fade away
I'll stand alone before my Lord and this is what I long to say.

I'm overjoyed to serve an audience of One
It's what I've been created for ever since day one
And this is my song, as I bow before Your throne
I love to hear "Well done" from the audience of One.

So this will be my prayer, 'til the race is finally run,
I want to hear "Well done", I long to hear "Well done",
I want to hear "Well done" from the audience of One.

Greg Ferguson

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Things you'll see at Cal State

If you were walking around campus at CSUSB, you might be enjoying the scenery, talking on the phone, loving how beautiful the day was. Or at least that is what I was doing. I was on the phone with my dad and came across THIS!!!!!! I kinda was a little scared at first because I thought it was someone planning on playing a joke on me, and then I get closer and realize that they were not real people and that it was in front of the ART building :-) PHEW! Lol I do hope that the person or group that created this got an A+!!! Or at least a pat on the back!!

Oh and if you are wondering what it is... It is a guy on the ground in a crawling position and that rope is tied to his leg. The rope goes up and over the tree branch and is connected to the sack in which his buddy is hanging inside. Scary! Lol