My view of an imperfect but wonderful life

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Don't Want to be a Jonah

Jonah... Called of God for a purpose. Instead of turning to God for support and peace on his feelings toward Ninevah, Jonah runs from his calling. While running, he runs headlong into trouble that never would have come his way, if not for thinking his way was higher than God's

So many times I feel like I am heading down the road to be a Jonah. Please don't misunderstand, I am NOT a Jonah, but I know what God requires of me (or at least I feel like I do) and then other times I wonder if He is requiring MORE of me than I first thought.

As many of you know, I have my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, San Bernardino. I could be teaching right now if I had stayed on and began my Credential program. However, there are just times (especially during services) when I wonder if that is where I am supposed to be heading. I know so many people now expect me to return to school and finish my Credential. Please don't take this wrong, but it is what I would LOVE to do. However, is it what GOD wants me to do? I know a lot of people have negative feelings toward Bible Colleges, and sure, not everyone is perfect here, or have great walks with God. But, as my mom says, if it's in your heart, you'll do right. I just feel that coming to Indiana Bible College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I believe that ALREADY my music has improved, I am not an amazing pianist, nor will I ever be, but I am working on it, and I plan to do as much for God in the music area as possible. Teaching will always be a choice for me, but as of right now, I just want God's will to become EVERYTHING to me. If it means giving up every single desire that I've ever had, then so be it.

I don't believe that my the desire to teach is for no reason. I believe that God has a purpose for me in that area too in due time, but I also believe that I need to totally conform, transfrom, and mold MY will to become His. Just like that song says "The more I seek You, the more I find You, the more I find You, the more I love You" God desires so much more of me and I just want my life to show that I desire totally and completely HIS Will and only His will. I know I am not alone in this "searching for God's Will" process, but most of all I just want God to know that I don't ever want to be a Jonah, and that I am not fearful of the future, just curious what God plans for my ministry to be.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

SO!!! My birthday was pretty much amazing! The whole day was so much fun, I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, it just went so so well! A bunch of us went out to Texas Roadhouse that night, and then afterwards some of us went to Starbucks! I FELT SO LOVED! Here are some pictures from Tuesday. Warning you now... this is not a normal photo shoot lol! I have hardly any normal smile pictures! Something is wrong in almost every one... But it was too fun, so I just put every single last one up! So here goes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me Throughout the Years!

Thought this would be fun! LOL especially since it IS "Celebrate Me" day! LOL I made myself my own holiday!!! LOL Thought you might enjoy getting a glimpse into my past and up til now! LOL hope it brings laughs and smiles cuz it sure did for me!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is about time!!!

I can NOT believe I haven't posted on here in two weeks!!! A LOT has happened! Well kind of but not really. I got called back for the job that I went in for about 2 weeks ago, but they haven't called me back to tell me to come in and begin work. Last week (the week before Valentine's Day) was a Valentine Madness week *hmmm cool name and I came up with that all by myself! I should copyright it!* And we had to do stuff for our secret Valentine, so I made posters for mine and hung them all up downstairs and then gave him candy and a stuffed gorilla! LOL we were supposed to find out who each Secret Valentine was on Tuesday Feb 17 (the Valentine social) but mine told me that morning instead since he wasn't going to the social. I was happy when I found out it was a friend of mine, Jermaine.

So on Valentine's day, I was in Tennessee with Cheryl, Cody and Theresa, I had so much fun. We lounged around til 1 doing laundry and just relaxing then got ready by about 4 to leave for Cody's. His mom made us some GOOD southern food! MMMMM! Home cooking is amazing. Then we came home Sunday night

The Valentine social was fun... kind of lol! There is so much behind that story... But the rest of this week flew by rather fast. I had a few run ins with what my Mom thinks may be sugar problems (just one more thing for me to deal with!)

I am now working more hours in the school kitchen, it is so fun! So my school bill is slowly getting paid off

Oh and I have had accidents galore lately! On our way to Tennessee, the tire popped and then shredded. So Cody had to put the spare on it, and we stopped at a gas station to air it up, and I was racing Theresa to the car... and ended up tripping and sliding for about a foot (it felt like 2 feet) but surprisingly I didn't bleed I just got really scraped up. Then my ankle swelled up Thursday and it looked really purple... THEN last night I was sitting with my legs crossed, and a friend pushed me jokingly and I couldn't uncross my legs to catch my balance so I fell on my knee really hard at an awkward angle. So needless to say I had an ice pack on it last night, but shortly after I fell, Theresa and I headed out to get a snack, and I didn't realize how icy it was. I slid going down the ramp, and fortunately caught myself by grabbing the railing before I fell... Then when I reached the sidewalk, I slipped again on the ice and almost did the splits, THEN when I reached the stairs, I fell down all three stairs and landed on my backside! And couldn't get up without help cuz it was so slippery! HEHE! If only you all could have seen it!

Wow... This was a long post! But it made me happy to write it all down! LOL I will try to get better with my posting!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Week in the Life of Erica!

So this week has been so fun! Monday was Twin Day, and Theresa and I wore our Choir tops and jean skirts, and come to find out, a few other girls had the same idea! It was fun, we spent a lot of the day doing nothing because most classes were cancelled. Then Tuesday was the same way, a lot of classes were cancelled, I only had one class and Chapel, so we just hung around a lot of the day. Then Wednesday back to normal! Thursday night was the Pep Rally for our Basketball Tournament. We had a lot of fun then too! Friday was the big day! There were about 11-13 teams 3 were from Indianapolis (2 IBC teams and one Calvary team) there were so many people there. The tournament is actually still going on today, and will be for a few more games, so they should be out by about 9 tonight because they use 2 courts at once. I was torn last night because Justin is on B team and Jason is on A team so I watched Justin's first game, and then Jason's first game was at the same time as Justin's second, so I watched Jason's.

Well all else I can say is, I am so glad it is Saturday! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures from Recording

That was a BUSY night! Wish I could have gotten more pictures, but we were running around.... And SURPRISINGLY I didn't even have my phone for 3 hours. It was so so so much fun! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!