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Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's about time!I

I can't believe how bad I've been at not posting! LOL I just never put time aside for it, and at night I am too tired by the time I get back to my room. I'm a failure! LOL

So... It has been an incredible week, in so many different ways. Wednesday was kind of full. I woke up a little late, but made it down to class on time. Bro Mooney is so neat. I love his class. Chapel was incredible. They pretty much had service with us standing up at the altar, when Bro Romine was ready to preach he let us sit down, but it was all just so incredible. Immediately afterward, Kayla and I were deceived into going to help for "an hour or so" (Chris Henderson's interpretation of how long it would take) at Calvary to stuff about 2200 envelopes.... We got there around 12:30, and we got back to the school closer to 4:15. LOL so then right after, Kayla and I went running up and down the street by the guys dorms and then came back and got ready for church. Thursday was a pretty busy day, I almost did not make it to class that morning. The bell rang and I grabbed my stuff and put my hair up and ran downstairs. Good thing Bro Rodenbush was looking for a projector to use. That afternoon was rather boring, but that night, we had the most awesome prayer meeting (yes it was better than last week). We got in there at 9:30 and did not leave until 11:15... God is so good. Then yesterday, let's just say, that I was topsy turvy all day long... It all started with me realizing I had 20 minutes til class, so I got up, combed my hair, and was looking for what to wear, when the warning bell rang!!! I grabbed the first outfit I didn't have to iron, slipped on shoes, grabbed my books, and ran downstairs. When I was sitting in class, I first noticed I did not have my watch on, my contacts in, or my homework lol. Then I started realizing that the people in my class did NOT look familiar from the regular music class, then Bro Anderson started calling roll, and my name wasn't in it, so I looked at my schedule and realized that I had an hour before my class was supposed to start, lol so I just got up said "OOPS! Wrong class" and walked out and back upstairs to finish pulling myself together. LOL! It was so cool. The rest of the day was really slow. Then last night a little before curfew ball they had live music in the lobby, and we were all listening to people get up and sing, and mess around, then Natalie Thompson got up and started singing the song "Jesus most beautiful name that I know" and that was the end of the playing around. it went from song to song of worship and was just incredible.... Like I said God is so good.

Curfew ball was last night and those are the pictures you will see. Today has been rather quiet. I got up around 10:30 got ready and already put my piano practice time in. Aunt Carlene and Uncle Marty came to surprise us, we are going to go hear him preach a conference in Connersville tomorrow night! Aunt Carlene brought all 3 of us kids our own bag of cookies. Now I am just waiting impatiently for dinner! YAY

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday Night at the Circle!

So, first I would like to say that Sarah is no longer my roommate. She switched rooms with Breana, who was my suitemate. No it had NOTHING to do with me. Breana and Rebecca just talked it over and decided Breana would come over here. So anyway, yesterday, classes were so good, and after school we ate, and went to Walmart (where we were forever because Micole lost the money Rema, student body president/praise/espresso operator, had given her) and then headed down to the Circle. It was so much fun. Kayla and I jogged around it twice. And everyone else played tag (real mature hahaha but fun!) talked, went to the ice cream place, talked... LOL and then we ended up on the stairs of the monument listening to some guitarists playing. So after awhile, I went up and sat next to the girls sitting by the guitarists and all of a sudden look over and see this kinda scary looking man coming my way staring at me. So I nervously smile, and he comes all the way up to me (he had friends with him but they disappeared) He says.... "Girl your hair is gorgeous", then proceeded to ask if I minded if he could sit by me. I didn't know what to say so I said I guess. Then turned and looked with an extremely panicked expression at Micole who turned and looked at Jeff and John Crissy and mouthed "HELP!" So of course they both come and try to help save us.... HA! LOL jk, So anyway after the guy followed us down the steps trying to talk to us, Jeff finally got us to leave, and we got home safely! LOL.

Today was pretty lazy, other than quite a few classes, an awesome chapel service, and a paper due! lol. I played volleyball outside for about an hour, then went to practice for my sight-singing class, music theory and piano lessons. After that, I went across the street to Chris and Leah Henderson's (he attends IBC and they both work here as well) house for a Bible Study. He ordered pizza and it was just a few of us, Chris, Leah, Matthew Corbitt, Micole, Kayla, Ashley Willis and me. It was so neat. I haven't done that in awhile and can't wait til the Spiritual Warfare lesson next Tuesday! Tonight was the second night that I have gone running. Last night I was not hurting as bad as tonight. But Kayla and I decided to run every other night, and do some other sort of exercises on the off nights. No we do not run outside. We run up and down the "T" shaped hallways of the girls dorms and sometimes up and down the stairs. It is pretty fun. And definitely works off calories lol! OK well I have Bro. Mooney's class and chapel tomorrow and it is already past 1 here so I better get in bed! Miss everyone!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


So obviously I have not been on here in almost a week! Oops sorry everyone! So just an overview of last week. We started regular classes on Wednesday. I only have one class on Wed and Fridays (not even the same class lol) and Wednesday chapel was absolutely amazing. Thursday was a full day for me with going from class to class. I am so loving all of the classes. Since I am a Freshman I take equal Music and Theology classes and I LOVE the Theology classes. Bro Mooney is one of my teachers and he is so neat! Thursday night Student Body Prayer was so awesome. I haven't been to a prayer meeting that powerful in a long time. The music was on for a while and then they turned it off and the Holy Ghost fell!

On Friday night I went to what is called curfew ball. We went to Calvary Christian School at 11 and played until 2 am. The guys played basketball and guys and girls played volleyball. I was so confused because they only play with 6 on the court at all times so there was a lot of subbing in and if there were more than 3 people subbing in they created new teams. But I had so much fun!!! Then on Saturday I went with a friend to her house 45 minutes away and spent the day there with other friends doing laundry and letting her parents spoil us with homemade food and desserts! We actually broke curfew!! oops! LOL but they had no problem since we were only 7 minutes late. Then Sunday contained two wonderful powerful services that was just amazing! Sunday afternoon I finally unpacked most of my clothes because I got my hangers! YAY! LOL I still have a lot of clothes underneath my bed though lol. Then last night we went out to Cheeseburger of Paradise after service, hence the pictures! Lol, and then ended up in the chapel watching a band that Justin is in called A6. It is so funny watching them!

Well I will keep you updated!!! Hopefully more often!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Done Did it!!!

So, today was a very nerve wrecking experience. As I have told you before I am a Music Major so therefore *that was so for Nicole's benefit* I had to try out for IBC Chorale. I couldn't think of anything else for the most part of today, well except for how uncomfortable those seats are in the Chapel lol! We were once again in there from 8:20-2pm. My audition time was at 3 pm so as soon as we got out of orientation, I ran up to my room to practice, and then spent some time in the lobby acting totally nervous. Micole, Jordan Stumbo, and Justin had me laughing so hard (and then I had myself laughing as well) I honestly think it was mainly nerves, but Jordan was so NOT comforting on exactly how the tryouts were going to go. So I finally had to leave and went talked to the soundmen and within about a half an hour I was up there singing and a few minutes later thanking God that it was over! I have never been that nervous in most of my days lol!

So after that I sat around talking til the Get Acquainted Social started at 7:30. We went down to the roller skating rink and just had a really good time. They played quite a few games but I had to stop skating before the games because I felt like I pulled something in my leg! LOL anyway, we really had tons of fun. And now I am sitting in the lobby on my laptop writing this! haha well hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Time!

Ok so it won't be as exciting of a post that I wanted. I actually wanted more pictures but we shall see what I come up with. So I am TOTALLY ENJOYING IBC LIFE! I got here Thursday and set up (as you already know). I spent the night alone Thursday night in my dorm room which was kinda scary but because I was so tired after helping them clean the chapel I crashed. Friday was CRAZY! I met my roommate Sarah Farren and one of my suitemates (we are connected to another room by a bathroom) Rebecca Adams. I spent most of the day downstairs registering for classes and going through financial registration (took me 2 and 1/2 hours to wait in line to get into the financial office). Then immediately afterwards (around 5) Jason, Justin, Jordan Stumbo (he is a missionary's kid from RUSSIA!), John Chrissy and me all went out to Cracker Barrel that was my first meal that day, and it was delicious! So then I kept running to Walmart to get stuff. I made so many Walmart and Target runs in the past few days... more than I ever have in a month hahah. Then Saturday morning Rebecca and I went to Walmart AGAIN and got stuff for the bathroom. Saturday was orientation, so when we got back from Walmart, we grabbed lunch, hung around in the lobby a bit and then went to Orientation which took forever. But I met my OTHER suitemate Breana Church! Ok so get this. Sarah is from Maine, Rebecca is from Alaska, Breana is from Canada and I am from California. BIG cultural differences LOL!

That night I kinda forget what I did other than setting things up and getting ready for the next day. Sunday was church of course. Both the morning and the evening services were incredible. I had so much fun. Sunday afternoon we had chicken mashed potatoes and rolls and salad bar. After church Sunday night the upperclassmen had orientation, so the lowly freshmen (me... *SOB*) went out to eat and then ended up in the lobby. Where Jason txted me to come get my tryout cd (Yes I have to try out for Chorale since I am a Music Major, I am going to sing Feel the Nails, Ray someone style) and I made my presence known as I boldly and quite loudly walked into the orientation. It was quite humorous.

Anyway, today classes SHOULD have started, but they began this new thing where they do 2 days of Orientation for the incoming students. They totally go indepth on every aspect of IBC including rules and regulations. It is not too interesting. Lol. At least they keep giving us breaks. So today I seriously just wandered around. We have to dress up for classes so I changed into casual ASAP and then ran to Starbucks for Justin and me and then we ended up in the Music Lounge thingy. Where I sat for about an hour before I was asked to help with some binders lol! Then went and got dinner (their cake is a piece of heaven in my mouth mmmmmm), and then just hung around with everyone. Til I decided that we needed a huge fan since our room feels like the heater is on... We don't have AC in the girls dorms. So Lauren Guyot, Tiffany (she is from San Diego!!!) and I went to Target had too much fun, came back, and I have been giving my parents a tour through Skype of IBC and now am posting! LOL

So that was the past few days in an epistle! I will update you as I go! I just was able to log onto the internet today, Glory to the Lord! So I am up and running once again on this! YAY!

***Oh we went to Notre Dame on Wednesday of last week! Forgot to mention that in this post

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My New Home for Now...

Well guess what? I'm here! I spent the last few days at my Aunt Carlene's in my hometown and yesterday we went around town some. Stopped at Notre Dame and took a drive down memory lane. Lol aka Union Ave where I grew up. I have pictures but I don't have internet yet. We also went shopping for bedding and clothes! Fun fun fun!

Today Justin and I left my Aunt's a little before 11 and pulled into Indy around 2. I was starved I hadn't eaten but needed to unpack so with the help of a friend we got everything to my room in a fairly quick manner (omw I have SO MUCH STUFF!!). And then Justin and I went out and grabbed a late lunch then I hit walmart came back cleaned and cleared and tried to organize my room. Then went to the store again. And now am waiting in my room to go eat with my brothers at 8. I have 10 more minutes to go! Lol. So I am txting this post once again. And am hoping that I can post pictures tomorrow! Yay! I register tomorrow but I'm already all moved in just waiting for a box from my mom so I can hang my clothes. You'll see pictures soon! Keep checking back! Miss everyone so very much!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Deep in the heart of.... South Bend!

So I imagine most everyone back home is getting ready for... PEAK! Lol... While I on the other hand... am NOT lol. I am here in South Bend lazing around until it is time to head down to Indianapolis to register. Jason leaves tomorrow and Justin and I leave either Thursday or early Friday morning to register and move into the dorms. YAY!!!

So yesterday was fairly uneventful. We went to my Aunt Carlene's church in Dewagac Michigan, about 45 minutes away from her house. If I haven't told you before it is a whole new world here in the Midwest. Lol anyway, my aunt made us a delicious Sunday dinner and scrumptious pie... which after eating she *helped* me decide it was time for a healthier eating experience. Lol So I am going to TRY to eat healthier. Not sure how it will work out but who knows!

So today has been a really lazy day! I had a headache from too much sleep... But migraine medication took care of that! lol while on the other hand back home... my mom went through the pain of having to get her AC fixed, but I think she got a Starbucks out of it. And then my daddy had TWO root canals and a black eye!!!! poor guy!!! Lol but he also gets Vikadin! lol So the plans for tonight is to meet my Aunt's neighbor Michael at Chilis for dinner and then most likely go shopping. I still need to get all the stuff for my dorm room. I have a list (yes a list lol) for things I need to get before I get to Indianapolis and things that I have to wait til I move into my room to get.... So I guess I have *listS* lol! So the thing that will take me the longest to adjust to is the 3 hour time difference. It is 5:30 here and I keep feeling like it is so much earlier! This day is passing too fast! Lol... well enough of my randomness... I will keep you updated! :-P*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We Made It!!!

So now I am **Officially** 3 hours ahead of all of you Californians! It is a bittersweet feeling! I am so glad to be out of the car and my Aunt Carlene's house smells WONDERFUL!

So, today started with a bang... lol ok not really but we woke up at 4 am Oklahoma time... So 2 am Cali time. and started out by 5 am and then hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast around 8:30. Then we got to my Grandma Marxer's by around 2 and went and visited with my Great Grandma Marxer (the earphones she has on is so that she can hear everything around her... like hearing aids... but not) and then went to eat with my Grandma and got back on the road... And arrived at my Aunt's at 11:25 Indiana time (8:25 Cali time)... Now I am half blogging and half watching Jason play bowling on the wii... it is EXTREMELY entertaining. I'll probably be worse... the above pictures were from our road trip hope you enjoyed them (and no those cows were NOT the cows I thought were deer the cows I mistook for deer were brown and white... at least they were the same color lol)!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Off the Road Again!

So we ended up coming to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma instead of stopping in Texas. Today was a long drive full of a lot of road and very little exits! Lol! We ended up stopping for a late lunch early dinner in Amarillo, Texas at Red Lobster! Mmmm it was so good! We are 2 hours ahead of California time so it is 6:45 there and 8:45 here. We pulled into Oklahoma City around 8. And tried to empty out most of the car. And then tried to get internet to work so I could post pictures from today... No such luck and I don't want to try anymore. Lol I just want bed right now! Lol but its kinda hard with both brothers on the phone lol! Ill post the pictures sometime soon hopefully!!!

On the Road Again

So we THOUGHT we would be leaving tomorrow. Guess what.... It is 9:20 something or other and we are already on the road. Barely passing the 215 on the 15 heading up to the 40. It was so hard saying our goodbyes! So I tried to post on my brothers laptop using his air card but no it wouldn't work for me! HMPH! So I am txting it onto my blog. A little awkward but hey it works lol! So we are planning on driving all night til we reach Amarillo Texas (spelling?) and then stopping for an hour to rest then heading on to St Louis where we will spend tomorrow night and then go see my grandma. So were looking at about 26 hours not including the hour to 2 hour stop we will make in Texas! So we need your prayers! Each one of us will drive 2 hours and then have 4 hours off. Hopefully it will work! Ill keep you all updated!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday Night Service

So service tonight was cool for so many different reasons... One is that it was my last service for awhile so it was special! Another is that all three of us Marxer kids were in the group that sang. Chantel asked Jonathan Pierce and me to sing with her, Jana played keyboard, Justin rocked out on the guitar, and Jason on the bass! We did IBC's Hosanna. It went very well! I was planning on taking TONS of pictures..... and as you can see, it just didn't work out! LOL, so the story behind me wanting a picture with the three girls is from left to right it is Amanda Thomas, Emilee Thomas, me, and Vanessa Sanchez. Those three girls are such babydolls! I taught them in Preschool my last year teaching at LCA. I love them so much. Vanessa's mom was my friend/coworker/Starbucks-addict-along-with-me. She taught Kindergarten on the other side of the classroom. Vanessa for some reason was so much more attached to me than the others. I felt bad leaving her. lol and then Amanda wouldn't let my answers go without adding another "But why?" or "Where" when asking about me leaving! Sigh I am going to miss them so much along with everyone else in the church! So 2 more days! Or as my daddy says one more day and a wake up!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still Counting Down!

So now we only have 3 more days and then we leave... Wednesday, Thursday, and then we leave Friday morning, early!! I have been busy running around doing... not too sure what lol. Yesterday I really didn't do too much actually, Heather and I went and both got pedicures. It was so cool (EXCEPT the guy cut Heather's toe!!!). Before that I had to do a little running around... Really just picking up my Mom from the car shop LOL! Then I stayed home kinda packing a little... redoing my lists.... and then sent out a bunch of "Come to volleyball or else" txts (hehe) and then went to volleyball and kinda sorta ruined my pedicure! Lol.. no worries tho, since they sent home the stuff they used!

So, today... We got ready and left for L.A. Garment District hit up some suit stores for the guys and then finally it was Erica time! Lol! we made a quick run down the Alley grabbed a purse, perfume, and then went to another store and got 2 tops I've been needing! When I came home a Dell technician came and fixed my computer panels... It looks like new now. Then I went and got my eyebrows done at Kim's, went to the bank, came home, and now am getting ready to head back out for my last Music Practice! I am not in the Music Department as of August but Chantel Chavez wants me to sing in her group. She is singing IBC's Hosanna and Justin is playing the solo (OF COURSE!). LOL and then Bekki and I are going out afterwards (I think Jason thinks he is going too hahah!) We will all have fun! Well... That has been my kinda sorta but not really busy days in the life of ERM! lol

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our last Sunday for now...

Well yesterday was my last Sunday to spend at ILC for awhile!!! I probably won't be back until December. I didn't take as many pictures as first anticipated, however, I plan on taking more Wednesday night. Here are a few pictures from yesterday morning and after service last night

Friday, August 1, 2008

Count-down has Begun

Well.... A week from today is when the Marxer kids take off! Kinda scary huh? If we don't kill each other on the way it will be a miracle lol JUST kidding!!! So I know most of my friends are pretty saddened about me leaving, but I am not. I told Bekki the other day that I know I will get sad... watch once the newness goes away, I'll be crying myself to bed every night... OH MY WORD! This is going to be hard. But I can do this!

So here I sit in the middle of piles of dress clothes that I am going to take wondering how to fit them all in a suitcase since I will only need some for Sunday and Wednesday's services. Bekki suggested those vacuum bags... Lol I want to try to fit as much as I can in as few things as possible. I have only 1 regular sized suitcase to claim as my own (since it is bright pink be assured that the boys will NOT want to use it). I never realized how much stuff I don't wear until I cleared out my closet of only the clothes I know I will wear while there! (And shopping today added to that amount). So I figure if I make all my clothes into little rolled up cylinder-like shapes, then I can fit most of them in my one suit case and the rest in my little carry-on suitcase and the REST in some bag! LOL I CAN DO THIS!!! (oh dear I forgot about shoes and purses) I have 3 lists of Things to get while in Indiana, things to get before I leave, and a general to do list. (I love list making).. but list making is not helping me figure out how to conserve space

The reason I am trying to conserve space is this.... Okay, a 6'3" male, a 6'4" male, and a 5'9" female in the same CAR with great leg space up front but not so great in the back... my brothers both have at LEAST 2 suitcases with them... so their 4 and my 2 make 6 (I can count!! Yay!) BUT I am not just taking clothes.... I have some stuff that I can NOT survive without! but I will try to fit them in... Somewhere... So we have half of the back seat to load stuff into as well, but I am afraid I may have to ship some stuff... If you think I am bad with everything I am taking, you shoulda seen our little red truck when my mom drove Justin out 2 years ago! It was PACKED!!! LOL Oh! Did I mention that a lot of my stuff is STILL in storage from when we packed for NC??? Well now we have to get it out of there and I get to repack MY stuff for IBC.

So this is our predicament that I must fix within a week!!! Eek! Lol... so that is why I am sitting among piles of clothes. Lol... back to my list making!!