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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Summit conference in Oceanside

So this is like so totally cool. I'm still in oceanside at the lock-in but am posting a blog!
Its almost one! Sigh I shoulda left this til when I got home, cause this is taking forever.

And about 19 hours later......

I forgot (or as Nicole would say "gorfot") to finish this post!!! Last night was really neat, a few of our young people traveled down to Oceanside, CA for a youth service preached by our very own Joel Booker. The trip there took about an hour and a half, but of COURSE it was only a little over an hour on the way home, and of COURSE I drove. Lol. Anyway, Jarron asked Joel before church what he was going to preach and he said, "I'm gonna preach about the Lord." We all laughed, little did we know, but he was serious. His title was "Preaching Jesus" straight from Acts 8:35. It was awesome.
Afterward, we all went to a gym nearby and ate and played volleyball or basketball until we left. My car stayed til they closed down. I got home about quarter til 4... It was a sleepy drive home, thankfully I had people to keep me awake! Lol. I can't wait til the March 28th Summit held at our church!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My wonderful brothers

Most of you know that I have two awesome brothers. Jason is 23 and Justin is 20. I miss them horribly!!! They are both attending Indiana Bible College Justin is in his second year and is a guitarist in IBC Praise. He's awesome! Lol and Jason is in his Junior year but doesn't have a lot of credits left before he's done. BUT I'll be done before him!!!!! Neener neener!! Lol So here are some interesting pictures that kind of give you a look at the boys' personalities! I wanted to put ones on there showing their TRUE colors but my mom said NO! Lol Jason and Justin I LOVE YOU!!

I can't believe I forgot to add this!!! I didn't put this up just because I love them. I mean I DO but a certain friend was offended that I had a blog for friends and family but not specifically my brothers. And THEN my dad got offended that I don't have one for him and my mom!!!! Haha so keep checking back!!! Lol

A good thought

My mom sent me this quote yesterday, it makes you think:

A Woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ
That a man has to seek Him first to find her.

I'm waiting Lord!!!! Lol

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's a new day!

I know it's barely after midnight. I also know you probably have already read my post from earlier today/ yesterday, whatever, so you know my day was interesting. Have you ever heard of good right down to the last drop? Well if you replace good with... umm interesting, and drop with minute you'd have it right. Well here I was reading right before I went to bed (I thought) it was around 11:20, I had just let the dogs outside in the front, and our outside dog Prince for some reason was going crazy. I kept hearing these weird noises. I got up (I remembered I had promised my mom I was going to clean the bathroom so hurriedly did that) and went out to give Prince a late night snack. Lol... well he wasn't there. I got the flashlight and he had put a hole into the fence!!! OMW IT WAS BAD. Lol... Let's just say I looked funny, I told my mom I was going to go look for him, and of course she wanted to go to. Lol it's a family thing.. jk. But oh my, we got him, and let him back into the backyard, where does he run? straight for the hole! Good thing my mom was there. We finally end up tying him around the only thing we can. Our front porch pillar. So guess what I'm listening to? Him whine and knock things around!!! Hahaha I will MAKE SURE tomorrow is a better day! Now, I'm going to bed, for real! At least I hope for real!

A tribute of sorts!

If you do not know Daryn, than you indeed are missing out!!! Anyone who knows Daryn KNOWS He is an awesome individual! Even if we aren't always cool enough to have the joy of him hanging out with us! Lol I've known him since I was 12... Wow, close to 10 years now, it's hard to believe. I believe one of the names he called me was the "shadow". Lol. After that it kind of evolved to him calling me ERM. Lol. He also was forced into taking me to my Senior Banquet. Lol... No really, I told him he was taking me. No asking was involved lol. But, anyway... Daryn you are just downright AWESOME! lol (Sorry Heather for stealing our word!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Day Another Post


This last weekend was so hectic for me that before it even started I prayed I wouldn't get sick after it was over! I had 3 tests last week, and then had to prepare, set up, and clean up the first major meeting for my work. I guess you could call me the event coordinator! Lol... if only I got paid more! HA! Oh but God is good to have given me a nice, sweet boss, and her assistant coordinator is also very nice! So no complaining in that department. I ended up working 8.5 hours overtime last week because of the meeting, but since I am a MERE Student assistant, I can not get paid for it, so to start making it up, I took Monday off, and BOY did it feel good, but I still need to make up 2.5 more hours lol!!!

Now that the weekend is over, I feel like it's the beginning of summer!!! Mainly because of the weather. Here it is Winter in California. It's 62* outside and BEAUTIFUL. I have the window to my office open, a nice cool breeze is ruffling my blinds and paperwork, in the background I hear a lawnmower and the low humming of voices of students 4 stories below me.... The only thing I'm missing is the sound of the ocean (Nicole's suggestion even though there is no water near here lol) and a good book... Now THIS is what you call a cushy job lol... With the exception of a nice salary of course. But who cares... lol right now I'm loving it!!

One of my main problems is I'm not sure how to end blogs like this.... Lol so I won't... JK!!! Lol I'll stop I'll stop. Stay tuned for more randomness!

Same day around 2:50 pm. I know I know.. .this is only about an hour after I first posted this but you have to know about this... Oh it was bad... Most of you know how I drive. Very carefully of course.. lol. But if you think I'm a bad driver you should have seen me today trying to "drive" a dolly. I had to pick up some really heavy boxes from the bookstore for my job, and they let me use their dolly to get it out to the car. So this dolly decides it wants to be independent and NOT go the direction I tell it. So I go one way it goes another, I try to go in a straight line, it works for about 2 seconds. I had to go way out of my way to get to a spot where I could roll it out into the street to get to the car, and it decides it wants to go in circles.... I'm telling you, it was BAD... I haven't been this embarrassed in A LONG time!!!! There were so many people around too.

To make matters worse, when I took the dolly back EMPTY to them, I rammed in their walls and left my mark... To make matters EVEN WORSE, I drove over to my office and my office cart that I use gave up the ghost 3 cars down from mine, so I had to DRAG the cart back to my car and pile everything back in. So many people just stared. Oh my... It was bad. LOL!!! So that was my excitement AND Half hour workout for today

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time for another trip!

I am going to IBC Music Fest 2008 April 2-4!!! If you've never heard of it, it is a music conferences with classes and concerts. So very fun, and you learn a LOT! Sarah, my mom, my Aunt Carlene, and Aunt Ramona will all be there as well. I'm so excited, my mom got my ticket for me today while I was in school! I shall be leaving on Sunday March somethingth, (too lazy to look for the date) and arriving back home Sunday April 6th! Sarah and I will both be going the same day (different times and airlines of course), but she's only staying til Friday (because of circumstances beyond her control :P). I also am happy because I don't technically have to pay for my own ticket!!! My brother owes me! Lol!! Love you bro! Well I shall keep you updated on my Music Fest progress!!!

Oh, one con! The only thing I keep second guessing is the plane ride. This is NOT my first plane ride alone, but I always get a little more nervous when I'm by myself moreso than with someone. I will survive!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Graduating Class of 2008!!!

Wow... it's been a long trek... But it's almost here. I'm writing this because last week sometime I received my Graduation Check in the mail. No it's not money. It's the response from CSU Records after "check"ing to make sure that I am eligible to graduate in Spring 2008. Well I AM (providing nothing happens to complicate that)!!!! I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies concentrating in English. It's been four years last November that I applied to Cal State hoping and praying I would get accepted and be able to pay for it. With God's grace, a few loans, and the help from a trust fund from my late Aunt Girlie I have not had any problems. I picked out a new schedule for me, and thank God all the classes were open that I needed. All FOUR OF THEM! Can you believe it? When I started I was looking at 49-50 future classes, and now, I have merely 4 classes only equaling 13 units left!! To think... I can't wait til I see my name on that Diploma. I will have done did it (as someone who's name escapes me used to say)!!!

Oh! By the way that picture of me is from my HIGH SCHOOL Graduation in 2004.. I know I know I haven't changed much. Must be that eternal youthful genes I get from my Mom's side! :-P

Saturday, February 2, 2008

In honor of my single female comrades!!

This is a well-known song that my cousin Rachelle Bollmann decided to revise. Enjoy!

A Few Good Men

What we single girls could use is a willing man of God
Who dares sometimes to use his brain and works without applause
A man who has a decent face and patience to endure
Whose love is tough and gentle a man who is secure

We wouldn't mind an orator who knows just what to say
But then we want authority to reason him away
He really needs humility to guarantee we win
We just need a few good men

Men full of compassion who laugh and seldom cry
Men who have maturity and won't tell little lies
Men who don't like freedom and always say "Yes Ma'am"
We just need a few good men

We don't want a derelict with many debts accrued
We want the ones who have some strength, reject all the uncouth
If these stringent lines you meet, we may want you as kin
We just need a few good men!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another week gone by

It's been a long-but fast-but not too fast week! I'm glad it's pretty much over (if you're wondering, yes I am doing this at work cuz I'm rather bored because the business is over until Wednesday of next week!). You know the Lord doth provide! I am so faithful to my Spanish class, and the Lord decided I needed a break... I went to class yesterday to find out that she wasn't going to make it to class!!!! I was quite relieved... Well until I realized how much I needed to do for my work's first official "board" meeting that I was in charge of setting up. I was at the school bouncing between my office and classes from 8-7 yesterday and then rushed to church for SCC in Ontario, which by the way was AWESOME! Bro. Raul Alvear Jr. preached first (very powerful), and then his cousin Bro. Jonathan Alvear got up and preached "The sufficiency of the church" Both were VERY awesome!!! I can't wait for tonight!! I'm expecting great things in God! This has to be the most random post! But most of you are familiar with my exceptional ability to be random!!

*By the way I shall be doing a few posts dedicated to certain of friends that have decided they needed to be on my blog! Keep checking for updates