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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Already Back in Indy!

Wow this last week has passed so fast! I had so much fun being in California! I am blessed with such wonderful family and such amazing friends! My last night there we had some friends and family drop by and we had yummy-ness everywhere! LOL my mom made chicken spaghetti, green beans, and blueberry pie! Then Jenn brought over some brownies! It was so much fun!

Yesterday morning was a little hectic. I woke up first around 7 to try something on that my mom had fixed, then I got up around 8 something to get everything together. My mom made a wonderful breakfast for us, then made us lunch to take with us. Then she took us to the airport around 10:30 (we dropped by my dad's work to say goodbye first) and our plane took off around 11:40. When we landed in Houston I honestly wanted to kiss the ground. Our flight was like a roller coaster. I came off the seat once or twice because it was bouncing so much! LOL there was much praying going on! Houston was pretty nice, we just sat around waiting for the plane. I took care of a problem with my phone, and the boys just read or played sudoku. The flight actually took off earlier than expected and got into Indianapolis 15 minutes early. Then we waited for a friend to come pick us up. And finally.... finally we were back at the dorms! Aww dorm sweet dorm!

My roommate won't be here for about a week still so it was a little lonely in my room lol! I kept hearing noises! AAAA!!!! But I am alive and well today! I have just been hanging out saying hi and having fun! Cheryl and I are going to go to Walmart after dinner because I need some things that I forgot I didn't have. Tomorrow is our first Sunday back, so everyone will prob be there, then Monday schools starts! Yay! And then I am going to start looking seriously for a job. I have never needed the money so bad as I do now! Hate that money is so important for the world to continue moving!! At least that is what it feels like sometimes! Well! Here goes nothing! Back into the job world lol! Keep me in your prayers! I already miss everyone!


Bekki said...

Okkkaayyyyy Erica. Are you TRYING to make me cry?! Good grief. I was doing so good. I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!!! Ok, so I missed you already on Friday. LOL

Erica Rose said...

LOL I actually WAS trying to make you cry! LOL JUST kidding! I miss you too! LOL I wish I could have gone with you! Sigh but it is what it is! Lol