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Friday, January 23, 2009

Belated and New Pictures!! And a New room!

I SO meant to put these pictures up before I left for Indy!!! SO here are pictures from New Years, some from the Acts 2:38 convention and then SURPRISE! LOL I moved into my own room!

No there is nothing going wrong with my roommate (or rather former roommate) and me. But, we had room inspection yesterday and right afterwards, Sister Vonnie (our dorm supervisor) pulled me out into the hallway and told me that there was a room open right down the hallway that 2 girls never showed up to take, and that I was her first choice to take it. I told her to let me think about it, and within about 20 minutes I had talked to Breana, and then to Cheryl and Kristen, and finally told Sis. Vonnie I wanted the room. So within about an hour we had all my stuff moved into the new room!! YAY! LOL So now Breana has her own room (which she just ended up making a huge bed out of both of our beds) and I have my own room. I had to keep the other bed in this room, hence the mattress underneath, but hey, I have a mattress for someone to sleep on when I get visitors! My luggage also fits under there, and I have TWO closets not just the one side!! YAY!!! My clothes fit so much better now!!! I am so proud! LOL There was an old couch floating around and it had been moved downstairs, so I took it (with approval from Sis. Vonnie of course) and covered it with my extra set of sheets and now I have a couch! Yay! lol I am ready to roll! It is so nice having this much room! There is a rug here that I am considering using! Hopefully it will work out because it would be so nice to have a rug instead of cold floor! Well I will continue to keep you updated on my IBC life!


Bekki said...

YAY!!!!! You got your own room! I should buy you a T-Shirt like the one I got Tasha...

"Does not play well with others."

LOL I am so just kidding. I am so happy that you are comfortable and in your own room!

Yeah, and there is me in the outfit I will NEVER EVER wear again. UGH

Erica Rose said...

LOL I do play well... sometimes lol! Aww you looked fine!!! It just wasn't the look you meant to go for lol! And I am happily comfortingly wonderfully blissful in my own room! LOL

Aunt Carlene said...

Hey happy for you to have your own room. Yeah you!!! Say, is it a couch or a love seat? If it is a love seat I have a cover you can have. Let me know. You have everything fixed cute. Is there anything in my house you need? A book case? Lamps? Getting excited to see you next Friday!! Love ya sis