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Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Day

Ok first off I want to say that I WOULD have pictures if it were not for my talent of leaving things places. I still am looking for my brain... Anyone know where it is? If you find it please turn it in to the lost and found! I think it has my number on it.

So anyway, on with Family Day. IT WAS HOT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! That's pretty much the most of it. Church yesterday was different for me, due to the fact that I woke up late because I thought that it was bilingual service that day so I wouldn't have to Praise Sing.... Well as I am trying on clothes deciding what to wear, I get a txt asking if I was planning on Praise Singing, so I said no since it was Bilingual, it is then that I was notified that it was NOT Bilingual Service, and since I had my black dress on, I grabbed my new red belt and my black shoes and made it to church 7 minutes before service started! Eek! And then, Bro. Stringfellow was still not there after Worship Service, and Jana found out that she would have to sing 2 songs to stall for him to get there, since he thought service started at 2. But needless to say, as Bro. Booker was talking he rushes in, Bro Booker announces him, and he gets up and preaches an awesome message! After I finished singing for altar call I got to see baby Ryan Taanner Lee for the first time! He is a DOLL!!!! I need a picture of him! And then went and ate hot dogs, went home and spent like 45 minutes trying to decide what to change into. I have never had such a hard time deciding about clothes as I did yesterday.

Moving on again, when I got to the church, they were getting ready to start The Daughters of Zion girls water balloon volleyball, needless to say, afterwards, quite a few people (including me thank you Amber lol!) were wet since they were in the soak zone! Lol, after that was the boys mud football, we left in the middle of it, went swimming, came back and could NOT find my keys anywhere (come to find out I had left them at Jenn's house! Dumb me!) so we just took Jenn's car and Jennifer, Chelsea and I went up to Victorville to the new Sonic and met up with the Estrada boys, Bekki, David and Julius for some wonderful drinks, fun and interesting times lol!!! I had fun! That drink was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD! LOL!!! MMMM Strawberry Slush! With little strawberry surprises! MMM. So then I forget my camera in Jenn's car! lol It was bound to happen. But today is a new day, and I think we are going to go play raquetball tonight! YAY! LOL!

So I will post pictures soon.... Since I don't quite have access to my camera yet

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yet Another Eventful Weekend

So, I thought that life would get a little slower once school let out. YEAH RIGHT! Looks like it has only had a "phase change" and gone into rapid speed. This past Thursday and Friday was our Youth Connect services. Each service was so awesome, and the altar call was the highlight of each! Thursday night afterwards marked quite an interesting time with friends and fellowship. Let's just say.... I was quite loud! In fact I believe the words Bekki used were "Pipe down!" Lol. Oh my... It was funny! And then to think the things I learned about people and places and things (oh my!) from overhearing the wrong parts of the conversations. Awww and then... then I tried to make Joe re-ask Heather out cuz I missed it! And then I had problems in general. But... Bekki and Jennifer helped my night become interesting... Poor Kim and Shavon (spelling?), Kim has been around me before, but Shavon has not seen much of me and saw me in all my glory! Anyway, Friday was fun too, Bekki picked Sarah and Nicole up and then met me and we went home, ate and then rushed to the church to get ready. I was ready FIVE MINUTES before I was supposed to practice! eek! But church that night was so so awesome, other than it being HOT and PACKED!!!!! They said that they almost had to open the doors in the foyer and put chairs up! Crazy! And the lockin was just such a wonderful energizing time! Although Stupid Starbucks don't like us that much! LOL then afterwards we went to the 24 hour Walmart, then Courtney's and spent the night. This morning we came home had crepes and went shopping til it was time to drop the girls off (which made the talk of the day for us... wowzers). Then Bekki Court and I went right back to shopping! (not that we didn't love and miss you Sarah and Nicole). Then we all went our separate ways, and I ended up taking a nap!! And now am posting this. When I get done I was planning on packing... Yes Nicole I said it... PACKING! But I don't know... I need to clean my room first! It's bad... huh Sarah? So and then tomorrow is our church's Family Day, where there is only morning service and then the rest of the day is food fun and fellowship! So I may have pictures of that for tomorrow too! So this was yet another weekend in the life of Erica!! Hope you enjoyed the rather long version of it!

Oh and the pics above were obviously from the former stories

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What to do what to do?

Wow... and wow... You know, I have never realized how full my life is. I used to complain about our church not doing a lot and how bored I was and blah blah blah. lol well, *WARNING WARNING* You may get what you wish for! I have been so busy this whole YEAR pretty much. I can only remember a few Saturdays that I have had to myself! It has been crazy, between school, work, and church practices, dramas, services, etc. I have not been able to get done what I need done. For awhile there I only saw my parents at dinner and then that was it! Really sad! So I figured after last weekend, I would get to come home and relax a little and help pack. Did that happen?? Well I did take a nap on Monday (I normally do NOT like to take naps), but the packing has really not been happening for me. So I got to thinking... Is there anyway to stop time??? Joshua did it, yes I understand that was an emergency, but THIS IS TOO! If I don't get to packing and cleaning, I will be banished from my house. Lol ok it isn't that bad! But Seriously, this weekend is going to be crazy busy too with Youth Connect being tonight, and tomorrow. Then Sarah and Nicole will be down tomorrow and Saturday, and everyone wants to go shopping. Then Sunday is Family Day at our church. So I would have Monday Tuesday and Wednesday to "pack", but then Thursday we are going to Wicked (YAAAAAAAY!!!), and Friday, Justin, Jason and I are leaving for the weekend to go to Fresno. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO????

Well for now, I will breathe deep and thank all of you for reading my post! hehe I am glad someone did! Sigh.... Where is Joshua when we need him. No not Josh Pound, or Rivas.... you know... the "but as for me and my house" Joshua! (He WAS the one who did that right???) Oh well. Lol

I will post pictures of Youth Connect and other activities when/if I take them! Until then!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Unfolding the Rose

"When God unfolds the Rose
He always gets it right
When the petals are in place
It's such a beautiful sight
He knows when to hold on
And the perfect time to let go
So let God have His way
And watch God unfold the Rose"

That has to be one of my favorite songs. I have been singing it a lot lately, and when Sister Trevino sang it Friday night at Camp Meeting it really hit me hard.

I capitalized the "r" in Rose for a reason. Most of you know that my middle name is Rose, so I was personalizing the song to me :) It is so hard to just "let go and let God" sometimes. I think that is what I struggle with the most. I have found it so easy to just sit around and let the world and just everything pass me by while I wait for... who knows what, My future maybe? At times it can honestly be the hardest struggle of a Christian, waiting on God. The saying my grandpa used to say is so true "It is hard to live for God easy, but it is easy to live for God hard." I am still working on the latter part. I have felt so many times that "my prayers didn't even reach the ceiling of my room". I have wanted for my life to be so much more in so many ways and have tried to rush through it. I know I know, I am only 22, but it is hard at any age. I just can't help sometimes trying to pull open the petals of my Rose. But, thankfully only minor damage has been done. I understand that only God knows when to let go, so I just gotta keep telling my self to hold on!

"So I'll just keep praying and holding on by faith
Knowing God is working all things for my good,
And I'll wait like a rosebud in the garden
For only God can unfold the rose"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a weekend!

Wow... The weekend isn't even over and I already have done so much!!! Read Bekki's blog for the play by play, I am going to highlight on some main events and outline the rest at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Starting off, Courtney, Bekki and I left Friday morning at 7 from my house for Ventura (poor Bekki had the longest drive, to get to my house), and had many exciting experiences on the way to Ventura family and youth camp meeting. It was so much fun! We got there for the morning service, and Bro Booker preached on "You Just Never Know" I thought it was hilarious because Bekki and I had mentioned something about that earlier that day, and also a few days before! We hung around the dorms for awhile then went to get ready (I had a bad hair day, had to take my hair down a few times, but oh well). At church that night, Bro Phil White preached such a powerful message, (as mentioned in Bekki's blog) about taking goats to church. It was so powerful, about letting past sins bring you down and he talked about taking up the loaf of bread instead of goat, "etc, etc, etc" (get it Nicole???). That is the first time in a long time that I have seen a last night service of a meeting not end with people with their faces in the ground. But it had such a victorious feel to the ending too! We all danced til we couldn't dance anymore!

What can I say about after the service, In-N-out was delicious, but basketball was awesome... I kinda embarrassed myself.... But at the time did NOT care! Lol I had too much fun doing it. I think I was the best basketball player out there, most of us were in heels!!! I was too, til I kicked them off. But, I did my team proud! You shoulda seen me with that ball! ZOOM! Lol!!! Oh and "GO RUEBEN!!!!" I was sad the night ended when it did! We were just getting started (I had just crawled under a table to get to my new favorite spot!)

This morning we went shopping! Bekki totally scored! And I got a cute jacket at Nordstrom Rack! We went to the pier with the Montano's and ate with the girls and Kim Garrett. We took some pictures and left. On the way home, we had a few more interesting quotes... Really... lol

When I got home I realized I didn't have to be at my friend's party at 5 like I thought, instead it was at 6. That party was the first true fiesta I have been to. A live Mariachi Band and everything! Sally had a total program and a wonderful emcee/dj, Denise. She is so organized! I love that about her!

So here are some pictures from the trip and from the party!!! Enjoy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is a post

It is so hard to believe it has been almost a week since my final Final! :P lol. If you assume I have been sitting around all day since I graduated, well.... You're almost right! Monday and Tuesday I worked at my job from 1-8 organizing an end of the year workshop/meeting and then Wednesday was pretty calm. I did have time to lounge around each morning, and even had time to get my eyebrows waxed! Yesterday was a clean up day for my office, so I really feel as if I sat around most of the day.

My poor mom has been pretty much unable to do a lot until today. She took her cast thingy (I'm a graduate from CSUSB and I don't even know the name) off and found out she is allergic to either the iodine or the Vicodin! (MOM this is where you do NOT tell the story about the vicodin) So she has had it pretty rough.

Anyway, I am excited! I leave tomorrow morning bright and early to head up to Ventura Camp Meeting for the morning and evening services! Bekki got us a hotel room, and Courtney, Bekki and I are going to be driving up there tomorrow, and then back Saturday morning in time for the Youth Picnic! Yay!! And then I have a friend's grad party and then graduation season is officially over!

Oh by the way, where are all my loyal followers? I am LOSING on the Daryn poll! How is this happening? I am such a poor loser! I hear Scott is to blame! Shame shame shame! That totally defeats the purpose of a true poll. And to think Casandra was gaining the lead and he stole it out from under all of our noses and put it in another's place. I'm not bitter. Really I'm not! Lol. No really I'm kidding. But to all you in the blog world reading this, go onto Preston's blog and VOTE FOR ME! Or if not me then VOTE FOR BEKKI!!!! YAAY! Love you Bekki!

I'll post pictures of the Camp meeting and Youth Picnic when I get a chance!!! Until then!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here they are!!!

And here are a few taken from my phone during the ceremony

Me, Ashley and Cynthia

Ashley and Cynthia

Me and Ashley

CLASS of 2008!

I DID IT!!!! I was going to wait til tomorrow to post this and pictures, but I could not wait. I will put pictures on tomorrow, but this needs to be done NOW or else I will go crazy. As you all probably know, today was the day that I have been waiting for all of my college life! I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. That is right, I am now legally a certified liberal! Lol well not really, but it just means I can start substitute teaching and now all I need is my Teaching Credential to teach at public schools.

I can not express to you the joy I felt as I began walking out onto the floor of the arena, it was all so unreal to me. I never thought this day would come. But it has and did and is gone! But the ceremony was SO SO SO boring, I'm so glad I sat with my friends and we entertained ourselves by texting each other pictures and by getting on the internet on our phones. Lol. Only in California do they not care if you call people while the ceremony is in progress lol. But anyway, the speeches and Master's Degrees took forever and the Liberal Studies class was almost last and I was in the last row in the Liberal Studies major. I was so glad two of my favorite teachers were there. Katherine hugged me as I walked out of my row to head up to get my diploma, and told me she was proud of me! And Dr. Sessions waved like only a crazy person (me!) would when she saw me on the ramp up to the platform. I was so getting ready to cry but Ashley told me not to! So I listened!

So back tracking, the party was wonderful! Bekki and Heather helped me decorate the party and my Mom, Dad and Jason worked themselves into the ground running around doing last minute stuff and grilling. Tia Sablan made some GOOD beans, rice and salsa to go along with my dad's GOOD chicken! Lol It was all GOOD! And I got lots of cards and gifts, and LETTERS and unexpected presents. Let's just say this has been an emotional weekend for me! Honestly I have never felt more loved! Oh and I'm so glad the Montanos found it in their hearts to come visit me and then go with us to the Santa Monica Beach and Prominade after the party! They love me!

I will say it again. I honestly never thought I would get here. I am happy to say that I graduated with 3 close friends that have stuck with me all 4 years of college; Sally, Ashley and Cynthia. All of us met the summer before we started school and we are FINALLY graduating.

I will post pictures tomorrow!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost there!!

Wow I sure shocked a lot of people with that last blog! Lol! I haven't really given much thought to blogging until someone *cough *katie* cough* so graciously told me that I needed to post. So here I am! I actually should be studying but I just went over the study sheet and realized that I know over half of the identifications on there. And those I don't know he probably won't put up since he's only going to put up 1/3 of what he gave us. Teachers like that are crazy they make us study so hard and then don't even use the stuff we studied hardest on.

Wow.... Sorry... Lol I think that is considered rambling! Anyway, Today is my LAST DAY!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! I have taken two finals and turned in 3 papers, and today I just have 1 paper and 2 finals (at 2 and 4). I am so excited, I just want to get this over with, and then tomorrow is my pahtay!!!! Oh yeah oh yeah! You will definitely be seeing a lot of pictures of this weekend! I graduate Sunday at 2! When I started this blog back in January, today seemed oh so very far away. But, I'm here! I did it! Four long years of hard (well kinda hard) work is paying off, and now that the work has paid off, I need to start paying off the loan sharks! LOL.

Well that was a whole bunch of Ericaness to last you until the next time I post, which may be tomorrow unless we go to the beach than it will definitely be Sunday! I'm so excited! Can you tell??? Can you??? Okay I am stopping! I'll be back

Friday, June 6, 2008

5 Random Facts about Me

Bekki tagged me on her blog and I feel rather forced into doing this! Ok so not really forced. Lol although I do love randomness. Ready???

1st Random fact: I have never had a boyfriend (You are not alone in this Bekki!!!) I believe God has someone out there... way out there.. somewhere.... maybe over the rainbow :P but he is out there nonetheless and I am to the point where I am willing to wait however long it takes for God to either take me to him, or bring him to me.

2nd Random fact: I am actually a very Random person!!! Not only in some of the things I say but also in the things I do! But hey it keeps ME entertained

3rd Random fact: My family is moving in a few months (yes that includes me)... Sad but true!

4th Random fact: I am on the phone a LOT!!!!!!!! Texting and talking (I love my new phone!!! I got the BlackBerry Pearl in pink!!! so cute!!)

5th and final Random fact: I love olives. I have six cans of them at home! Lol just kidding that was for Bro. Montano!

For real my 5th and final fact is..... drum roll please..... I thrive on attention! (Thank you Nicole!!) I honestly don't care if my friends are embarrassed of me most of the time. I like having fun! (I am too much like my mom even though I get embarrassed of her!!! lol).

Hmmm... I tag people that probably won't do it.

Katie, Preston, and Daryn

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Of all people, I never would have thought that I would be able to do it! When I started this I seriously had such horribly tempting cravings for anything and everything I saw but kept talking myself out of it! I am glad I did, but I do not EVER want to do this diet again. Lol. It was seriously like fasting (and Nicole knows my pain even moreso than I can feel!) I didn't eat except for in the morning yesterday and when I got home around 9:30 or 10ish last night and for 2 reasons because it was Music Dept fast day, and because the brown rice became unappealing to me lol! Oh wasn't it such a wonderful feeling eating that last bowl of cabbage soup (which was really good still) and then throwing the rest of it down the drain with a wild cry of delight and victory!

But needless to say I have completed the 7 day program! I kinda blew it this morning with rice cereal, but I am having a salad and diet coke for lunch and the soda is so sweet I almost can't drink it! And to think I normally drink sodas a few times a day!!! But anyway, I have lost a total of TEN pounds on this diet. I honestly did not think that it would work. I don't know how, I don't know where it went, and I don't know when it happened, but I have lost 10!!! I feel better, although tired and sore from Bekki beating me up. Now to hit the gym! Anyone want to go with me on Tues at 6 in the morning :P lol!!! Party poopers! (Is that a bad word???) Well Praise me Praise me! Lol jk, but I really am patting myself on the back that I finished this crazy diet! So now if you see me drop into a dead faint tonight serving at the banquet it is because I have eaten too much for lunch (one salad!)
The picture above is my lunch right now. I have a water bottle too that I am enjoying moreso than the soda. I shouldn't have even bought the soda!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Last Day

I can't believe I have made it this far! I still have only lost 8 pounds, I will check tomorrow after it is over. This has been quite an interesting time for me... I don't think I would ever do it again, unless I gained a lot of weight. But I will eat cabbage soup again. That stuff was really good! Today is my rice, vegetables and fruit juice day. The no sugar added kind of juice of course. And is it good or what??? I bought the Apple and strawberry medley at Stater Bro's last night!!! MMMM it tastes really good! Other than it doesn't have caffeine! Up above is a picture of my lunch brown rice, carrots and juice! It's not too bad, but I am not too hungry after my rice for breakfast! I just hope I can survive till I'm out of classes tonight (at 7:30 :P). Ok I will stop now and get back to "work"! I'll get you posted on the outcome of this!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beef and Vegetables...

I'm almost done, I'm almost done, I'm almost done, I've made it this far I can go all the way! I almost gave in last night because Dairy Queen Blizzards are my BIGGEST weakness! But then I got this text from Bis- I mean Bekki and it said this " Remember, it won't taste as good as thin feels." She also posted this in my comments. It is so true. It made me not even give that Dairy Queen another thought! Hmph blizzard schmizzard!

As of this morning, I have lost a total of 8 pounds on this "eating program". I am extremely missing the sweetness of the fruit and the milk and bananas combo! You should have seen me eating bananas at the table at Chili's Sunday night! It was incredible lol! Today is my beef and veggie day! It is so much easier than the beef and tomatoes. That one was rough on me since I love love love stewed or cooked tomatoes, but could only have fresh ones. However, the steak my Daddy grilled was incredible!! Now after this is over, I will just need to hit to gym to keep it off! But I can't do that till next week! But it WILL happen!!! ONE MORE DAY!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

So Far So Good!!

Well... 4 days down 3 to go!!! I am almost finished with my banana and milk day! It's all down hill from here. I've been asked how much weight I've lost, and my standard answer has been 3 pounds BUT... BUT BUT BUT BUT!!! :-D I have just recently weighed myself and have actually lost 3 more and now have lost a total of SIX POUNDS!!! Sigh... I miss food! lol Just kidding I'm actually doing really well, being more dramatic than usual especially when food looks good... but then it happens!! Tomorrow is my beef and tomato day I can do this! And YES PRESTON talking to yourself DOES help! lol it boosts my ego knowing that I care about myself lol! I'll keep you posted on my last three days!