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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Youth Service and Broomball!!!

We had so much fun last night. Our church had a really good service. We invited churches from around here and from out of the area. Bro. Bertrum preached and did an AWESOME job. I love hearing him sing and preach. Then last night we went to the skating rink in Ontario and played broomball. A friend asked me what it was and it's kinda hard to explain, but you play "hockey"/"soccer" on the ice. You have a medium sized rather hard (especially when you get hit in the face) ball and most people have these broom shaped sticks and they hit the ball around trying to make a point in their goal. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Post.... after a long break

Wow... I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted. The original reason I stopped is because certain people decided to be jealous and for every little thing that happened they would say you should make a post on that. HMPH! Lol... But needless to say, it's also been a VERY Busy month. I'm finishing my quarter this month (finals are this week actually) and have been at our church's play practice, other practices and outreach almost every night

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the Winter quarter for me. I start my Spring Quarter while I'm at Music Festival (uh oh... lol good thing the professors like me and have given me the syllabus for each class)Speaking of Music Festival... I can't wait!!! In 10 days (if I did my math right that should be March 30th lol) I will be in Indianapolis!!!! YAY!!!! I haven't even picked out or bought the clothes I'll wear yet I've had no time!!! I wanted to this week but can't cuz we've had drama practice every night oh dear, this Easter drama will kill us all! Especially Katie! Who's both the boss lady of it AND pregnant!!!

Well I have 3 finals tomorrow so I probably should call it a night... (don't tell anyone but I haven't studied yet or done the homework for two of them. Thankfully I have time between tests lol. My middle name is procrastinate, sounds pretty huh??? Erica Procrastinate Marxer, has a nice ring to it)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Shopping Day

Well, as you know, my beautiful friends Sarah and Nicole live in the Fresno area and I don't always get to see them. Thankfully, they have allowed me to come see them and stay in their house, and they have come to see me (ONCE!!! lol). We have so much fun and I miss them so much when I'm not around them. So if you see me texting (which you will 98% of the time).... Most likely it's going to be one of them, or quite possibly BOTH!!!! So, these two surprised me by asking what I was doing the next weekend. As it turned out, they were going to be in Santa Clarita which is only a little over an hour away from me! So I asked Jennifer if she would go and we headed up there Saturday morning and went shopping with the girls!!! We were there from about 2 (well they got there around 3 so Jenn and I walked and talked and looked til they got there) until 7. We had so much fun and ate too much too lol. I can't wait til I get to see them again. I so wish I had taken a picture of Nicole's little show that she gave me and Jenn... it even had a wonderful finale, with her ending up on the cement (I know she regretted it the next day)

My mom later asked me if I had bought anything and I said no, but most everything bought was FOR me!!!! I'm so spoiled but I hear birthdays are allowed to last a month, so I am making mine last as long as I can ;)lol. So here are some pictures PROVING that we enjoyed ourselves! Sorry girls if you don't care for the pictures I've put up! too bad lol.