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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tagged: My Life, In Six words

I was tagged by Jana.
My six word memoir goes like this...

"My Life is in His Hands"

What can I say? It says it all in those six little words. That is so true about my life. I am not saying I have totally given up all control because sometimes flesh will win out, but I have let God know that no matter what comes my way (stole that line from Jana :P), and no matter what happens, or where I go my life is finally in His hands. I am tired of trying to MAKE my life happen. It is not worth it, as I have already ran into so many speed bumps that have jolted me so hard. So I need to give the wheel back to its rightful owner!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back to the Grind

Well my first week of school is done!!! Technically it is the SECOND week of school though. The first week happened while I was in Indiana, but I talked to all my professors prior to leaving. I'm so glad it is over. The first day I had quizzes I didn't know about so I wasn't prepared for, but the professor of that class wonderfully told me to come early to the next class and makeup both!! He is so nice. The rest of my classes went just as well.

I unfortunately had to add another class last minute which is a night class :( So now on Monday and Wednesdays I am at the school from 9 am to about 8 pm (unless the teacher is really cool and will let us out early each time :P). But all in all I'm okay with it, even though I missed church last night. But because of this, I have a LOT of homework in each class. One 8-10 page paper, one 7-8 page paper, 4 or 5 3 page papers and quizzes every class for some.

But what makes all of that SO WORTH IT is........ I registered Monday to "participate in CSUSB's Commencement Ceremony of Spring 2008"!!!! YAY!!! lol only a few more months to go! But until then... "Take this pill" (Mark Lowry). So I need to stop living in the dream world and come to the very REAL realization that I need to clean my room!!!! Lol. Whatever I'll do it after I come back from RYC practice.

Well I will keep you updated on my life as it ever so slowly progresses... This was just another day in the life of Erica. Signing off!

Monday, April 7, 2008

IBC Music Festival

All I can say is.... WOW!!! Indiana was wonderful! I loved being there so much. I could go back right now and be happy. I met such wonderful people and made some new friends. People back there think I'm crazy... hmph what do you think of that?? I really did have a good time. And not only did I have fun just hanging out with the young people there, but the classes for Festival were so good for me. I especially loved the beginning organ class. It gave me the "want to" to start playing the organ again. I learned so much and got so many good ideas for Children's Choir and so many new songs for Worship and Specials. It was just so much fun. The highlights of the Fesival were the night concerts. You just had to be there (or have gone in the past) to know what I mean.... You just felt so awed by it all! And seeing my brothers on the platform was also wonderful! Well here are some pictures showing you our (my mom, aunt Carlene, Nicole, Sarah and ME)experience in Indiana.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm so very excited!!! We are in Indiana. Ok so I am not as excited as I was Sunday night because we haven't really had a lot to do because we did not get an extra vehicle til today!!! So Sarah and I have been lounging around Indiana Bible College, so much so that a feel people asked if we ever move from the student lobby!! Oh well. Lol But as of right now I am sitting in our motel room which is relatively small being that there are FIVE of us sleeping in here! Nicole and my mom both flew in today, a few hours apart, they are in here with Sarah, my Aunt Carlene and ME! But we will have so much fun. I tried to post my pictures on here last night, but the IBC dorms have some weird lock on the internet and wouldn't let me post on my blog!!! And then I just now realized I left my SD adapter in one of our new friends room. Ok... I am rambling... I'll stop. Especially since it's 1:16 am here and I prob should go to bed because Music Festival starts TOMORROW!!!!! Oh dear. I'll post my pictures later! HEEHEE