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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post Spring Break!

So! The last time I posted I cheated by just putting up pictures from the previous post! Well, last week was Spring Break. I loved being able to sleep in! I cooked for the boys every day! It was fun, AND delicious! I was proud of myself. I worked Monday through Friday so I couldn't accept any friends offers to spend Spring Break with them, but I had fun hanging out with my brothers and friends. On Wednesday night around midnight a group of us went to Denny's just to hang out. It was entertaining, then right after I got off of work on Friday, I left with Emily Sims to head to Sullivan, IN. She and I spent the weekend at the Easton's house. Kyle (if you remember) is not only Justin's roommate, but he also plays guitar with him on IBC Praise. His sister Kara is an amazing singer, and is an alto on Praise. They gave us a "concert" while we were there. That whole family is so talented. Their parents pastor the church there, and both parents sing, and their mom plays the piano, and Kara can play just about every instrument including bass and drums! Seriously play! LOL Same with Kyle... Needless to say Emily and I were quite intimidated!

So... my first impression at the Easton's was while Kara was jokingly giving the "rules" of the house. I grabbed a napkin and a permanent marker and started writing down the rules. We... halfway through the second rule I pick up the napkin, and IT HAD BLED THROUGH TO THE COUNTER!!!! LOL Right after Kara had said "no writing on the walls" Oh it was bad! LOL But clorox wipes work miracles thank the Lord! Needless to say I was teased all weekend! But I had fun! We relaxed, ate, walked across the street to the church to listen to Kara and Kyle practice for church, ate, played games, ate, played more games, and pretty much just had a blast!!! I am so glad that I was able to go! Even though there was a lotion accident the last night that I was there.. I didn't do it... well I kinda did!

So I drove back with Kara and Kyle on Monday and got back in time to say hi to friends and then head to work! Then when I got back I had to get in an hour of piano practice since I had lessons the next day! The rest of the week has flown by! Cheryl's birthday was on Tuesday and I took her to Starbucks and we hung out a bit after I got off of work, and then tonight I had something straight through til right now! We had dorm inspections tonight, so I stayed up late cleaning and doing laundry last night, and then immediately after work I ran back to the school and down to the piano recitals and after barely giving me just enough time to catch my breath, I played my note piece for piano recital! LOL after I finished I turned around and Daniel and Lance were giving me a standing ovation! LOVE them! Ha! Then about half an hour later I had Sign Team practice, which went pretty rough because no one was paying attention. It was so hard trying to get them just to get through 2 old songs, and I was ready to just walk out, but thankfully people started realizing that I was serious about practicing and they started to pay attention. Sometimes I would just rather work with kids!!! They listen so much better! Well.... sometimes hahah! So that leads up til right now! I actually have a more serious post that I wanted to post, but I figured I would post this update first and then sometime this weekend post the other one!

Well, I hope that you will keep me in your prayers! Miss everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Promised Pictures!

Wow.... a week later!!! Sorry! Here are the pictures I promised, there are not a lot, wish there were more, but there hasn't been much going on this month!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Missing Erica Has Returned!

Wow... I didn't realize I hadn't blogged on here in almost two weeks! Oops! I just let time fly by between now and then! Not a lot has happened between now and then! LOL well, not a lot in my definition of the term! The last time I blogged was Saturday the 28th! I believe that was the weekend we had our IBC Connect Music Club Concert! LOL long name! So I have pictures from that, as well as from the following weekend (which would be last weekend) when we went to Indian Head, PA for an unofficial MSA trip! It was fun! Only a few of us went this time though since so many had to be out of town for various reasons. I believe there were over 100 people out of town on MSAs, and other trips last weekend. I will put up the pictures sometime soon! Don't worry.

So, I have news! I now am EMPLOYED! Last week on Tuesday, I began working at American Documents. It is an office that is working on sorting and keeping track of DOCUMENTS (brilliant) for many different AMERICAN companies (heehee). I don't quite know my exact job title, other than I do work with some Administration. But I do a lot of what is called coding and other computer work. Last week and this week my days have consisted of me getting up, going to school between 8-9 am, going to work in the kitchen from 2-4, and then having to be at my job at 4:30. I am supposed to work til 9 but only have been able to do that a few times since their system has been down a lot due to their headquarters recent move. So after work, I would be up until at least 1:30 every night due to either homework, or losing track of time! Last night was the first time in a LONG time I had been in bed by 12:30! LOL Bekki told me she was surprised I was going to bed so early. It IS early for me after all!

So this last weekend was rather relaxing! Jon Kneriem, Tiffany Clark, Fayth, Kristen, Jason and I all went to Pennsylvania for an unofficial MSA trip, needless to say it was one of the funnier trips that I have been on! The church we went to was Kristen's boyfriend's, Josh. He attended IBC the last 2 years, but didn't come back this year. He went to the Tennessee MSA with us, so I was able to hang out with him then, and other random IBC visits. But, his family was so fun to be with, his dad Bro. Miller is the pastor, and he was just so laid back. We had such a good time. Bro. Kyle Houk (not sure how to spell his name), an IBC alumni, preached the Saturday night, and Sunday services. They only had one Sunday service (in the morning) so we got to rest/nap til it was time to leave. The only problem was we left an hour and a half later than we were supposed to! We ended up stopping three times so the trip ended up being almost 8 hours instead of the 6 it took us to drive TO Pennsylvania. We pulled into the IBC parking lot around 3 am! Fun stuff! We had an eventful drive too! Tornado warnings and all! Kristen and Jason switched as soon as we got out of WV and into OH because it was raining so hard she was afraid to drive. But thank God we got back safely!

The past few days have been pretty uneventful as well. Chapel services have been amazing the past few weeks. I have become more and more appreciative of them since I have to miss both Wednesday AND Sunday morning services now. I work in the kitchen on Sunday mornings and I work at American Documents Wednesday nights! I hate being an adult sometimes! Last night was pretty fun though, it was such amazingly nice weather out that a bunch of us went outside and about 15+ of the guys played frisbee and at the same time a bunch played tag and various fun/funny-to-watch games! This all started around 10, keep in mind weekday curfew is at 11, but we were still outside when Bro Romine drove up around 11:05 and instead of asking us to go inside he EXTENDED OUR CURFEW til midnight! But just asked that we stay on the school grounds. So everyone played Red Rover and Duck, Duck, Goose (YES these ARE college kids! LOL Still young at heart!). Then all of a sudden around midnight a storm front blew in and rain just came out of no where. It poured cats and dogs and everyone scattered! It was such a fun night!

Well I will post pictures later! Keep a lookout for them! Miss everyone much!