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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday Night at the Circle!

So, first I would like to say that Sarah is no longer my roommate. She switched rooms with Breana, who was my suitemate. No it had NOTHING to do with me. Breana and Rebecca just talked it over and decided Breana would come over here. So anyway, yesterday, classes were so good, and after school we ate, and went to Walmart (where we were forever because Micole lost the money Rema, student body president/praise/espresso operator, had given her) and then headed down to the Circle. It was so much fun. Kayla and I jogged around it twice. And everyone else played tag (real mature hahaha but fun!) talked, went to the ice cream place, talked... LOL and then we ended up on the stairs of the monument listening to some guitarists playing. So after awhile, I went up and sat next to the girls sitting by the guitarists and all of a sudden look over and see this kinda scary looking man coming my way staring at me. So I nervously smile, and he comes all the way up to me (he had friends with him but they disappeared) He says.... "Girl your hair is gorgeous", then proceeded to ask if I minded if he could sit by me. I didn't know what to say so I said I guess. Then turned and looked with an extremely panicked expression at Micole who turned and looked at Jeff and John Crissy and mouthed "HELP!" So of course they both come and try to help save us.... HA! LOL jk, So anyway after the guy followed us down the steps trying to talk to us, Jeff finally got us to leave, and we got home safely! LOL.

Today was pretty lazy, other than quite a few classes, an awesome chapel service, and a paper due! lol. I played volleyball outside for about an hour, then went to practice for my sight-singing class, music theory and piano lessons. After that, I went across the street to Chris and Leah Henderson's (he attends IBC and they both work here as well) house for a Bible Study. He ordered pizza and it was just a few of us, Chris, Leah, Matthew Corbitt, Micole, Kayla, Ashley Willis and me. It was so neat. I haven't done that in awhile and can't wait til the Spiritual Warfare lesson next Tuesday! Tonight was the second night that I have gone running. Last night I was not hurting as bad as tonight. But Kayla and I decided to run every other night, and do some other sort of exercises on the off nights. No we do not run outside. We run up and down the "T" shaped hallways of the girls dorms and sometimes up and down the stairs. It is pretty fun. And definitely works off calories lol! OK well I have Bro. Mooney's class and chapel tomorrow and it is already past 1 here so I better get in bed! Miss everyone!!!


Nila said...

OMW it's a good thing you didn't tell me about that guy. I would have freaked! LOL
I'm glad you are having fun, but please be wise and stay safe.
Love hearing about that Bible Study. You go, girl!

Erica Rose said...

LOL I know. When that guy sat down, my phone started ringing and it was Jason and he was all worried when he heard what was going on (I got up and walked away to talk to him), until he heard that his friend was there with us. I loved telling about the Bible Study! LOL

Cire Rex Ram said...

WOW ERM you have this uncanny ability to attract unusual people.

Erica Rose said...

Now if that isn't truth... I don't know what is