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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two posts in ONE DAY!

Well... I am HOME!!!!! I would say I was in Sunny California.... but it isn't too sunny today! Lol, but it is MUCH warmer than Indiana. It was about 20-30* and snowing when we left yesterday! Well this week passed so fast. I was done with my last final by 10:15 Wednesday morning, and I turned in my paper by 11:30 then headed to lunch. I ended up sitting around with Kyle, Matt and Jordan Stumbo til around 2 since none of us had any more finals or anything to do in general. The guys were playing their guitars and writing silly songs for their A6 band. It was fun. That day just flew by, I sat around watching friends playing games then Justin and I headed to church at 6:30. After service I ended up playing games in Theresa's room with Cheryl for about 3 hours! It was a blast. Thursday felt SO GOOD! I didn't wake up til 11:30, and met Cheryl and we headed to lunch and then again everyone just sat around talking and having fun. I went to my room and started packing. Jason dropped off the suitcase he let me use after dinner, and I finished packing and weighing everything by 7! So I had a free evening. I kinda just hung out til around 10 when I went to Cheryl's room cuz we had BIG plans lol. After curfew a bunch of us (Jeff, Cody, Cheryl, Theresa, Ashley, Ben, Michael, Lauren M, Kari, Kristen H, Justin and I) went to Denny's it was so much fun. We ate, and then everyone ended up going around the whole table and saying something nice or a memory about each person. It was an appreciation service lol! We got back close to 2 and then I went to Kara's room to say goodbye, but ended up staying in there til almost 4 because Daphne, Lauren and Kara were entertaining me! LOL I love my friends from IBC so much!

Well... Friday I slept in late again... it felt SO GOOD!!! And then I got ready and made sure everything was packed up, and headed over to Cheryl's room, where Kari, Ashley and I hung out til I left at 3 to go eat with my brothers and Preston. We tried to go eat sushi, but the restaurant was closed, so we were walking downtown in the snow... and I was freezing because I hadn't expected the weather to be bipolar (it wasn't that cold the day before). So we went and ate at the food court in the Circle Center Mall, and had our sushi. I had noodles and chicken and sushi. I was a bit nervous about trying the eel but it was good... I also had some salmon and... what I THINK was tuna?? It was good whatever it was. I love sushi! So Preston dropped us off at the airport and then we found out our flight to Ontario through Houston was misconnected! So we had to wait for the lady to find a different way to get us home! We ended up flying to Cleveland and from there to LA. We almost couldn't land in Cleveland because of the snow, they warned us they may go on to Cincinnati but thankfully it was fine. We rushed to our connecting flight because of the shortened layover, and then got on our 5 hour flight to LA. I thankfully brought cards so we played ALL KINDS of games. The people in front of us probably wanted to kill us lol! Yesterday was a HILARIOUS day... things just kept happening! LOL But thank GOD we made it safely and then went to In-N-Out! MMMMMM!!! And THEN came home! Sigh....

I am all unpacked and glad to be back in my room (and in a bed I don't have to have a step stool to get into!). I can't wait to see all my friends and to get to go to MY OWN CHURCH for the first time in 4 months! YAY!


Jana McVay said...

WELCOME HOME!!!! It was soooo awesome to see you, Justin and Jason come walking into the Dessert Extravaganza last night!

And today, seeing you in your home church! Wonderful!!!

Glad you are here to visit us!

Erica Rose said...

It is wonderful being back! I love our church so much!