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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in California!

So, one might assume that because I have been home for 2 weeks now, I would be blogging a lot more than I have, I mean... Normally I WOULD be blogging a lot more, however, I haven't and don't really have an excuse!

So the week of Christmas was quite fun!! We went shopping A LOT! And I spent most evenings at home with the family, and making presents! Bekki and I exchanged presents Christmas Eve and then went shopping! Lol she is so wonderful to me! I was actually shopping for a present for Justin to give to my mom! What a wonderful sister I am! Then when I got home, I had to finish making my Mom's present (a family scrapbook) and after than wrapped a few presents of mine, and then wrapped Justin's presents for him! What a nice sister! LOL

So needless to say, Christmas Eve and Christmas day was just wonderful. So very relaxing! I prepared the turkey and helped my Mom with the rest of the dinner, and it all was so wonderful! We are blessed! We spent the rest of the day relaxing and snacking! LOL. It has been wonderful. Today shows that OBVIOUSLY the holiday is over because my mom put us to work in the backyard! lol blah! Oh well. We're still blessed!

Here are some pictures from The Singles/Marrieds Party, and from Saturday night at the Mission Inn. Unfortunately my card reader isn't working with my computer right now. Hopefully we will fix that so I can upload Christmas day's pictures!!


Aunt Carlene said...

I know you guys had a wonderful time with lots of good food & fun fellowship. Would so loved to have been long as my kids could have been there too. Life isn't fair sometimes!!! So glad you are enjoying being home. Eat up know what bible school food tastes like!!!

Erica Rose said...

I wish you could be here too Aunt Carlene! LOL and about the food... I am going on a diet ASAP! LOL meaning once I get back to IBC! Desserts only 3 times a week sodas as little as possible, water all day every day! LOL SOMETHING has got to work!

Bekki said...

You can do it Erica! Find an exercize partner...drink lotsa water...I believe in you!!! You can DO IT!!! =0)

I have been having so much fun since you came back! LOL I can't wait for April though, so I can come hang out back there.

Erica Rose said...

I do have people there that I can and have exercised with! Lol I THINK I believe in me! I'm glad SOMEONE does lol! I can't wait for April either!!! YAY!!!!!