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Friday, February 1, 2008

Another week gone by

It's been a long-but fast-but not too fast week! I'm glad it's pretty much over (if you're wondering, yes I am doing this at work cuz I'm rather bored because the business is over until Wednesday of next week!). You know the Lord doth provide! I am so faithful to my Spanish class, and the Lord decided I needed a break... I went to class yesterday to find out that she wasn't going to make it to class!!!! I was quite relieved... Well until I realized how much I needed to do for my work's first official "board" meeting that I was in charge of setting up. I was at the school bouncing between my office and classes from 8-7 yesterday and then rushed to church for SCC in Ontario, which by the way was AWESOME! Bro. Raul Alvear Jr. preached first (very powerful), and then his cousin Bro. Jonathan Alvear got up and preached "The sufficiency of the church" Both were VERY awesome!!! I can't wait for tonight!! I'm expecting great things in God! This has to be the most random post! But most of you are familiar with my exceptional ability to be random!!

*By the way I shall be doing a few posts dedicated to certain of friends that have decided they needed to be on my blog! Keep checking for updates


Katie Booker said...

Random is your middle name. And yes this post fits the word to a "T"!!!
That's why we love you tho!

Erica Rose said...

Thank you I knew it would be appreciated by SOMEONE!!! Lol. I love randomness but am getting ready to go on a fast from it. Lol JUST kidding.. Well maybe I should, may help me out a little!

Jana McVay said...

Today, at lunch someone asked how much you must spend on keeping those "random blonde roots" from showing...LOL You definitely tend to be random and a fast just might help the REST of us out! JK

Love ya!!

Erica Rose said...

Hahah!!! Oh but today was just too much fun! I felt all important! Good thing you didn't sit by me at the restaurant too. Poor Katie and Sarrah had to deal with watching me eat and some of my random comments! Heaven help all of you. I sometimes feel sorry for you! Oh my... I should probably be embarrassed most of the time... but the sad thing is, I'm rarely embarrassed in front of my church! Oh dear, God please don't let something happen to embarrass me!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting lol

- Daryn

Erica Rose said...

Hahaha for me to be embarrassed or for your post?? I'm waiting too!!! For the computer with all the pictures!