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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Day Another Post


This last weekend was so hectic for me that before it even started I prayed I wouldn't get sick after it was over! I had 3 tests last week, and then had to prepare, set up, and clean up the first major meeting for my work. I guess you could call me the event coordinator! Lol... if only I got paid more! HA! Oh but God is good to have given me a nice, sweet boss, and her assistant coordinator is also very nice! So no complaining in that department. I ended up working 8.5 hours overtime last week because of the meeting, but since I am a MERE Student assistant, I can not get paid for it, so to start making it up, I took Monday off, and BOY did it feel good, but I still need to make up 2.5 more hours lol!!!

Now that the weekend is over, I feel like it's the beginning of summer!!! Mainly because of the weather. Here it is Winter in California. It's 62* outside and BEAUTIFUL. I have the window to my office open, a nice cool breeze is ruffling my blinds and paperwork, in the background I hear a lawnmower and the low humming of voices of students 4 stories below me.... The only thing I'm missing is the sound of the ocean (Nicole's suggestion even though there is no water near here lol) and a good book... Now THIS is what you call a cushy job lol... With the exception of a nice salary of course. But who cares... lol right now I'm loving it!!

One of my main problems is I'm not sure how to end blogs like this.... Lol so I won't... JK!!! Lol I'll stop I'll stop. Stay tuned for more randomness!

Same day around 2:50 pm. I know I know.. .this is only about an hour after I first posted this but you have to know about this... Oh it was bad... Most of you know how I drive. Very carefully of course.. lol. But if you think I'm a bad driver you should have seen me today trying to "drive" a dolly. I had to pick up some really heavy boxes from the bookstore for my job, and they let me use their dolly to get it out to the car. So this dolly decides it wants to be independent and NOT go the direction I tell it. So I go one way it goes another, I try to go in a straight line, it works for about 2 seconds. I had to go way out of my way to get to a spot where I could roll it out into the street to get to the car, and it decides it wants to go in circles.... I'm telling you, it was BAD... I haven't been this embarrassed in A LONG time!!!! There were so many people around too.

To make matters worse, when I took the dolly back EMPTY to them, I rammed in their walls and left my mark... To make matters EVEN WORSE, I drove over to my office and my office cart that I use gave up the ghost 3 cars down from mine, so I had to DRAG the cart back to my car and pile everything back in. So many people just stared. Oh my... It was bad. LOL!!! So that was my excitement AND Half hour workout for today


Heather said...

That poor dolly is prolly all beat up. What did it ever do to you? lol No worries tho. Tomorrow is a new day! And hopefully it goes better for you! Love ya!

Erica Rose said...

Aww love you too! Poor dolly MY FOOT! Lol. It actually really does look like it's been chewed up. Pretty bad. Lol. Today was a memorable day. I can't say it was all bad, cuz it had it's wonderful moments. But so true, tomorrow IS a new day! Lol

Nila said...
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Nila said...

I wish I would have had a camera to capture the moment! First the dolly going crazy, and then the wheel falling off of the cart. Next time you need to use them, you might want to request someone to bring the boxes to your office. Hope you have a fun and relaxing day tomorrow! Love you. Mom