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Monday, October 27, 2008


So! This week has been so very busy! I just realized that I have not stayed home on a weekend for a long time! And I won't for a while still! LOL This past weekend 14 of us (Cody Smith, Cheryl Blevins, Daniel Blevins, Jon Crissey, Rema Duncan, Ashley Stigleman, Jason, Justin, Lauren Moore, Teryla Erwin, Kristen Hammond, Jeff Bryant,Lindsey Short, and I [oh and Kristen's boyfriend Josh met us there]) headed out on a MSA(Ministerial Student Association) trip (of sorts). When we go on this kind of a trip, the IBC students pretty much take over the services for the church we are helping. IBC students will lead in worship, in preaching and in the altar call as well. It was so fun! I drove up and back with Teryla, Ashley, and Jermaine.... we had the best car! LOL. Friday we drove the 5 hour drive and then ate dinner at the church and immediately started practicing til.... who knows when, then went to Cheryl's house and all of us took turns playing games. Then we kicked the guys out and they headed to Cody's house and some of them to the hotel. Then Saturday morning I woke up to not only a pounding headache but to the sound of the game already playing (at 9 am nonetheless... the guys got there early!) We had a big breakfast, than some of us went to the Pinnacle overlooking Kentucky and Tennessee (while standing in Virginia) and then I walked through 3 states in mere minutes! LOL It was so beautiful and OVERFLOWING with nature! LOL also... it was quite chilly... After we got back, Sister Blevins (Cheryl and Daniel's mom) had soups on and grilled cheese and sweet tea and lots of dessert, so we ate and played card games... I just had so much fun. Then we went to the church for practice and then held service that night. Jermaine preached "Decision:Eternity" and about choosing the world or God. It was so good... LOL with a few funny moments that he won't live down. The church fed us and we went home! Then Sunday morning Jonathan preached on war and putting on the armour of God. Sunday night, (I was a mere observer this night... no praise singing for me) Jermaine preached again but I can't remember the title but do remember he did good and he seems so relaxed preaching! So they fed us after service again, and we took some group pictures headed to the house and changed, packed and then headed back out. We got back around 2:30 am! It was a good trip all in all! Then I wake up to a freezing day and it is supposed to snow tonight from what everyone is saying! YAY! I am now a California girl in an cold Indiana world! LOL Hope you enjoyed the pictures


Jana McVay said...


Long time no talk...okay...less than an hour! Yeah!

Looks like you all had a blast on MSA and now you get an evening off to enjoy and relax! I wish I did. I have homework, housework, and Youth Choir practice (I now have 2 kids in the youth group...did you know that?)

Anywho...loved hearing your voice and miss you lots and lots!

Erica Rose said...

Awww I loved hearing your voice too! And yes I saw on the ilcLIVE website about Jessica going into the youth group! It makes me feel old! LOL aww I am LOVING relaxing hehe! Not one thing that I need to do tonight except sleep! LOL I miss you too and enjoyed talking to you!

Nila said...

Hi my Erica Rose!!!

It was great seeing your beautiful pictures! Thank you for taking pictures of the beautiful mid-west in the fall season. Ahhh, I miss it soooo very much.

I'm so proud of all my kids being involved in the work of God. Keep up the good work!!!

Love you,

Erica Rose said...

Mom, you are our example! So be proud of yourself too! The midwest really is gorgeous right now! and COLD too lol and it only gets colder from here! EEK!