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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Will Get Better at This!

So since I last posted (Saturday afternoon), I have had a rather boring yet busy week! Saturday evening a few of us went over to Chris and Leah's house to play games and have dessert. That night I remembered I left the car over at the guys dorms and had already walked back to the school, none of my girl friends were around and I decided to go ahead and run over to the guys dorms to grab the white car (and get my water bottles out of the trunk) well come to find out, I had a lot of angry friends once they found out what I had done, lol that was my excitement for Saturday night!

Sunday was Family Day for Calvary, so they held services at CCS (Calvary Christian School) right down the street from IBC (Where we play curfew ball on Friday nights). We had a casual Sunday so the IBC choir wore black and denim, it was fun. Then I went home took a nap (surprising!) and got ready for church in Connersville since there was no church in Indy. My Uncle Martyn Ballestero preached that night on "Worship for Dummies' it was so powerful. I love hearing him preach. We saw quite a few people that I have not seen in years. It was so fun..... And they FED US!!!! hahaha!

Monday I actually was on time for class (Yes we had class on Labor Day, but we have a week off for General Conference and Friday off)! LOL I had Sight-Singing first, then a break then Doctrine of Salvation (which was so incredible, Bro Killmon gets really passionate about doctrine and it is so neat to listen to someone passionate. I am loving all my classes!!!) I honestly can't remember for the life of me what I did Monday night!!

But Tuesday was a pretty easy day, 2 classes and piano. We had chapel, but it was turned into student council elections. So student council consists of the following officials. Student Body Officials, Class Officials and Club Officials (Which are really the officials for each major). So for each class Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior, and the each major Religious Ed, Theology, Sociology, Missions and Music. I was nominated for Secretary for my class.... But alas, the Lord has bigger and better things in store for me lol. Jason was nominated for all three positions for music club (president by Bro Anderson, then VP by Students and Secretary by students) he made the Music Club Secretarial position! lol Surprising! So Tuesday afternoon was rather boring. I slept most of the afternoon. Then ran to Bible Study at Chris and Leah's. It was so good. It was on Spiritual Warfare. We added Jordan Stumbo onto the group... I am loving that Bible Study!

Today was actually a pretty busy day for me. I had class at 8:50 with Bro Mooney. then had chapel which was so incredible, a missionary preached it. Very moving. Then we had almost a 2 hour long choir practice and ran to have a late lunch then I ran around looking for a bank to cash my checks into that would send them to Washington Mutual then.... I had to mail the checks to the bank..... Then..... I had to get gas, have dinner, practice on the piano and went upstairs and laid down for a few minutes and Kayla came into my room bored so we went to Target and came back and sat around. Then time flew from then because there were quite a few people in the lobby all night, and there was a little drama and Jon Chrissey and I sat there laughing and talking about how in awe we are of some of the people here (well awe wasn't the word used).... But I am so entertained. LOL!!! I am having so much fun!!!

I am looking forward to tomorrow (other than waking up for an 8 o'clock class and having a full day!!) but Rushing Mighty Wind Preaching conference starts tomorrow and we have school off Friday for the day service and then back again for the night service. YAY!!!


Bekki said...

Drama? Who knew there was drama in Pentecost?!

Erica Rose said...

HAHAHAH my thoughts exactly! I thought it was only in Cali ;)

Nila said...

Ahhh I love seeing pictures of my Erica and my boys, and of course my siblings! You guys look WAY TOO GOOD!!!
I'm so glad you are adjusting well to IBC. I'm so proud of all my kids wanting to further their education in Music and Theology.
Keep the blog spots current! We love it

Erica Rose said...

Awww you are just biased!!! I will try! I am having so much fun and hope I will grow musically and spiritually