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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rushing Mighty Wind

Ok, I so wish I could say I took pictures.... I didn't. Sorry!! I had so much fun the past few days. It has been rather busy. Thursdays are my full day in school with the exception of one free period and lunch, I go straight from class to class. I so love the classes that I am in. Thursday afternoon I don't really remember what I did (this is why I need to post more often so that I remember what I am going to say!) But we had to be at the church at 6 for choir practice. That night we sat in the choir loft (it is kind of hard to hear up there) there was 2 preachers (one was Bro. Mullings) so we sang before each one. Then Friday morning... I got a little sick, right before service so we were running a little late, there was 3 preachers and they were all so incredible (I would say the names but I would so SO butcher them) and then we had time to eat, I practiced the piano, took a half hour nap, ate dinner with Jason, Justin and co. and then hurried to get ready to be on time for choir again. That night Bro Jerry Jones preached and it was awesome again. We went out to eat to Cheeseburger of Paradise and then didn't have curfew til 1!!! It was exciting lol and like usual there was a party in Micole's room and we stayed up late! Then Saturday morning, we left once again for Micole's house, and did laundry, was fed homemade breakfast for lunch, went shopping, was fed some really good non-IBC pizza, and stayed the night. This morning we went to their church (which was really good and was a very short service) and was fed again... Lol, then sat around talking and left to come back to IBC. We got in around 4:15. I went and practiced piano for a bit and then started to get ready for church. Bro Mullings preached again tonight and it was so so so very good. Then a few of us went to Wendys and then went back to the lobby to hang out with everyone... Fun times. Well I will try to get better.... I keep saying it, but only because I really do have faith that I will! LOL

P.S. Totally forgot to tell you.... Yes Justin of course is still in Praise lol, but Jason made Chorale!!! Yay for him!!! And I made IBC Singers!! Yay for me! lol!! They have their own separate tours and practices so we won't be singing together other than in choir. I am excited

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