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Saturday, January 26, 2008

We're HERE!!!

Well... WE ARE HERE!!!! I'm so excited. When we got here there was almost a foot of snow on the ground and it is FRIGID!!! We ate dinner here and it had to be the best camp food I've ever had!!!

Bro Trevino preached tonight, I don't know the title but if I could rename it he preached on "The Spirit of Babylon". Which is thriving among our young people. The whole service from beginning to end was awesome!!! If I were able to get on my own computer (and if it weren't a few minutes til curfew) I would post some pictures from today, but I'll do that tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's devotions and split sessions done by Bro and Sis Trevino. After the session we have free time, but I think they have some "snow activities" planned for us. Then we have another evening service. I will keep you updated on what's going on!!! Miss you all, but I'm having a blast, and hoping to see God do some AWESOME things at this retreat!!! And I'm still minutes early for curfew YAY!!!

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Jarron said...

hey erica! thanks for updating about the WYR. please post a bunch of pics. i can't wait till you guys get back. i hope you're all having a blast and not breaking anymore things.haha i just got in about 2 hours ago. when we were coming in, i think we flew by you guys. (not sure though) don't know if you even saw our