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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm back already

Ok might as well start now! The main reason I'm posting this is because my friend, Sarah, asked if I was going to put them on here... OF COURSE I AM!!!

Sarah and Nicole just came down last weekend from up north. Those girls are like sisters to me. I can't help but brag on them!!! They are not only gorgeous and outgoing, but they have the most awesome personalities and are in love with Jesus. I already miss them so much... If you know any good, handsome, GODLY guys (other than my brothers lol) Let me know... for my sake as well as theirs!!


Jarron said...

Hey Erica!!! This is awesome that you have a blog now. I can't wait to see what you put on it. As for the good, handsome, godly guys... um that'd be wrong cause I'm ur get it??? cause like i'm like all those i'm just kiddin with ya. haha

Erica Rose said...

Haha oh Jarron... You are too much. Yes it's horrible that most of the good-looking guys are RELATED TO ME!!!! Why did it have to be like this... Oh well, this way you get to meet a lot more girls!!! Lol

Dad said...

I am not much of a blogger, but had to at least say "HI!" and let Sarah and Nicole know how much I enjoyed them being here, and their piano playing and singing, and how sweet they both are.

Anonymous said...

Aw...we thoroughly enjoyed being there as well!! You are such awesome and fun people! Nicole

Anonymous said...

She speaks the truth and lies not, we were sad to leave =(