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Thursday, January 24, 2008

We'll see how long this lasts

Hello everyone!!!! Well I have finally done it! I decided to give in and become a blogger!!! We shall see how long I will last at keeping this up. Keep checking back for new posts!


Carl Brown said...


This looks absolutely wonderful! Keep it up.

Your proud 1st cousin once removed Carl Brown.
(true! once I was removed from class and sent out to the hall :-)

Erica Rose said...

Awww!!! Thanks "Uncle" (first cousin once removed) Carl!!! Lol I'll try my bestest!!!

Anonymous said...


It was nice to catch up on your busy life. Looks like you are having fun. Keep those cards and letters coming kid....hahaha

Love you,

Aunt Ramona

ps...where is pictures about me????

Erica Rose said...

Hi Aunt Ramona!!! lol well.... I'm a horrible niece!! OOPS!!! I will work on it ASAP!! :)