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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It WILL Be Worth It All

It will be worth it all,
When we see Jesus
Life's trials will seem so small
When we see Christ
One glimpse of His sweet face
All sorrows will erase
So may we run this race
Til we see Christ.

This was the song sung in chapel today. An old but VERY TRUE song. Some of you know what has been going on in our family and in my own life, but it just seemed like bad things keep happening and life was just getting overwhelming to me. But yesterday, after a rather teary talk with my mom about the insurance and braces and money in general she calls them... and somehow gets them to do what she wants! So it looks like I may get my braces off (In Jesus Name I will at least) while I am home for break. Then I started worrying about other things this morning... And once again Mom came through for me... Thanks Mom!

Then Chapel begins... And this song is sung, and I started thinking how true this is. We will not remember ONE thing from our life on earth. All we will see is Jesus and His goodness. "One glimpse" is all it will take.

So even after chapel, I was still worried but I just kept on with the day wanting to let go and let God handle it, and after class I ended up in the front office and quite a few people started asking me why I put unsure on my declaration of intent form for next semester. I told them I didn't know how I could afford it but I was going to do everything I could to come back, and Serena and I sat there and talked for about 15 minutes about my life before IBC and how I made the decision to come, and she said she would see if we could find me a job at Calvary Christian School (I had emailed them twice already). Well... less than 20 minutes later, I am up in my room on the computer and I see that I have 7 (yes 7, so important! LOL not!) emails and one of them is from the principal from CCS asking if I would call him because he is wanting to talk to me about my Liberal Studies degree and my work situation. God knows... And I am still assured that it WILL be worth it all on that blessed day when we DO get to see Christ.

OH and I have another job this Saturday with the same family I worked with before. I am excited... God still amazes me! All in one days time so much can happen... Next thing I need is a banquet date, let's see if that happens! Hahah but I am planning on sitting with friends anyway so it doesn't really matter lol


James Wilder said...

Encouraging post.

"And Davis encouraged himself in the Lord." I believe you did that.

Best wishes on the job. As for the date... well... maybe one of your suitors reads your blog?

Erica Rose said...

LOL thank you! But I think I will remain dateless that night. Lol because I have not given my blog site to many friends here at IBC! lol... I should have though. Once again thank you!

Nila said...

Awesome song! I can't wait until Jesus comes to take us all back with Him. In the meantime, daughter, always keep a song in your heart. Sing your way through your bad days, and praise your way out of your trials! It really works.

As for the date, you have 2 handsome brothers! What more can a girl ask for. (I think they are scaring the guys away, though!!!LOL)

Erica Rose said...

LOL I KNOW they are scaring them away... Some guys say "oops can't let Carl/Jason see me talking to you" lol it is funny

Mary Frances said...

Oh I love that song!!! Sometimes its the old songs that really stick with ya when you need them!!!
God bless ya! :)

Jarron said...

aren't you still too young to date??lol

Erica Rose said...

There are so many songs that TRULY do stick with you...Thank you

And Jarron... lol it has nothing to do with datING.... it is called a banquet date.... Singular... so cousin... wanna be my date? LOL OH and actually Jarron, I am older than most of the girls and almost all the guys here lol!

Carlene said...

You made me cry with your blog today honey. You truly were encouraging your wonderful mother is awesome at being an encourager, as I well know. I too love that song, altho I think the 2nd to last line is not right, but I can't think of the's the "may we". It doesn't matter. It works & it's so anyhow!!! And besides, boys are stupid if they don't see how awesome you are!!!

Erica Rose said...

That is one thing I love about family! Lol they always stick with you!! Love you Aunt Carlene!