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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Youth Service and Broomball!!!

We had so much fun last night. Our church had a really good service. We invited churches from around here and from out of the area. Bro. Bertrum preached and did an AWESOME job. I love hearing him sing and preach. Then last night we went to the skating rink in Ontario and played broomball. A friend asked me what it was and it's kinda hard to explain, but you play "hockey"/"soccer" on the ice. You have a medium sized rather hard (especially when you get hit in the face) ball and most people have these broom shaped sticks and they hit the ball around trying to make a point in their goal. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Erica, I was able to download your pics from the youth service off your blog for the church website, so don't worry about getting those to me. (Unless you have more you'd like to send) :) Thank you, and have fun in Indiana!

Laura B