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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend!

It has been a crazy weekend and a crazy beginning of the week! I haven't been home much it seems! Some of you might know Kristen Hammonds, soon to be Miller, if not, she is the fiance of Josh, the Pastor Miller's son . We met at IBC and of course became friends. She was down for the weekend and just left today. On Saturday we had her wedding shower, but even before the shower started, the day was eventful.

NIcky Miller (pastor's daughter), Kristen and I are looking for a good gym to start working out at, so we went to one early Saturday morning that is close to where Josh and Kristen will be living, it's about half an hour away, but that is close compared to most other places! So on our way home Nicky told me to take a different way to see if it was faster. An hour later, and none of us have any clue of where we are, other than the fact that we are possibly still in Pennsylvania. Come to find out we were about 15 minutes away from Maryland! So I turned, hoping that I was heading in the right direction. None of our phones had service, neither did the GPS! But we ended up finding two lakes, some beautiful scenery, random dirt roads, and also we found out that Kristen gets really carsick on mountain roads. Oops! Thankfully the GPS FINALLY found a signal, as we had been trying for awhile. I know this might sound like it was a stressful trip, but I have never laughed so much! Sadly I started laughing when Kristen got sick, and couldn't stop laughing about everything the rest of the day! What a great start to the weekend! Thankfully though we made it back with a few hours to spare before the wedding shower/picnic!

So after the wedding shower we all went down to the church for practice, then Sunday we had a Memorial Day/Children's service. The service was separated into two services, the first part was worship, preaching/Sunday School, and altar call, and the the second was a puppet show. Following the service was a picnic!! Surprisingly I didn't get a sunburn! PA sun likes me! Then later that night we met up with friends in Greensburg.

Memorial Day, I had a meeting with a family for a possible nanny job (I find out tonight if I get it or not). By the way, I got lost on the way there because the GPS I was using told me to turn down roads that DEFINITELY were not there. BUT anyway, I am hoping that I get the job, however if I don't, then it just wasn't God's will! Following the meeting, I went to my third picnic of the week! Then we spent the evening and all of yesterday cleaning out Josh and Kristen's new house. And Kristen and I did a GREAT job of putting the kitchen and the bathroom together!

Unfortunately helping Kristen move some of her stuff in, made me want to get my own place! BUT I couldn't afford it right now obviously! Oh well, one day!

I will keep you updated on the job! 20 days and I will be in California!

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