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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bitterness thy name is!

I did not realize finding plane tickets was a challenge! I am going to be home for a week next month (YAY!) and had delegated the process of getting a great price for a flight to my mother. Well I waited a little longer than necessary, and... the prices went UP! How rude of all those ticket websites! Well I was searching today for EVER for a good price. And I didn't realize how sneaky those websites are! They are downright evil! They will trick you into clicking on a low price, and lo and behold they only did that to show you the only price they have is $60 more expensive!

So after finding a decent price, I went to see if anything else had a good price, and I went back to the former website... and the price had gone up $100! Now that is just uncalled for (heehee)!! Conniving! So I just showed Expedia who was boss and purchased one for a cheaper price!
So there!

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