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Friday, June 4, 2010

More about Pennsylvania

So, first of all, I didn't get the nanny job. But hey, I'm not torn up about it! I am not giving up... yet. I ended up going back to Somerset and turning in quite a few applications to hotels in the area. To work at the front desk of course! And I also applied to work at the Starbucks there, but no call back yet. I'm still trucking on. I am just waiting on someone to call back, and if not, then I'll just keep applying everywhere else! Meanwhile, I'll just have fun!

So, I haven't told you much about the town or church out here. I will begin now. The town... Normalville, Pennsylvania. It's up in the mountains, (although nothing like the California mountains), the elevation... totally varies but it's around 2,350ish. The population?? 2,500! The scenery is gorgeous!!! Everyone seems to know everyone! That in itself is great to me. This town is right out of a book. Even down to Resh's general store! It's wonderful!

So, the church runs about 40 people on average, and if everyone would be there it's about 50. The Pastor's family, the Millers, are a neat family. Bro Ralph Miller and his wife Susan have been so hospitable to me. I love them already. I also love their kids Josh (he will be marrying my friend Kristen later this month, but I am missing the wedding due to my dear friend Bekki's wedding that I wouldn't miss for the life of me) and of course Nicky. I don't know his oldest son Luke very well as they live in Texas, but I just met him and his wife Courtney, when they came down to preach the Youth Discovery Weekend.

What do I do, you ask? Well, during the week, other than looking for a job and hanging out with Nicky (and soon Kristen too)... I pretty much am useless! I play and sing for the church services, Sunday morning, and Wednesday evening, I teach Youth Class on Wednesdays, and will start this Sunday teaching the junior youth Sunday school! Outside of church we have weekly youth outings that I just started, as Josh works during the night and can't hang out with the young people. The other thing that we are trying to get started is weekly music practices, and Saturday evenings have been working well so far!

So yes I love it here, and it has already been a great experience for me! I know it's going to be a great summer!!

18 more days and I will be in California! Exciting!!

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